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Prison City
Prison City
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Bob Marini - Bass and Backing Vocals Sam Marini - Vocals George "Man" Ballantine - Guitar John Fornino - Drums and Backing Vocals
Robert Marini - Bass and Backing Vocals Sam Marini - Lead Vocals George "Man" Ballantine - Guitars John Fornino - Drums and Backing Vocals Ressurecting a band from the 80's is not an easy task. Back in the 80's, Prison City played the club circuit in the chicagoland area and recorded a 4 song demo. We decided to bring back some of the original songs that had never been recorded and after 30 years, it was quite an underaking. The band started with just lyrics and dusty memories of how the songs were performed, and we built them from there. We made some major changes to the originals to make them fit in todays music scene. The final product will be released in the near future as a 10 song CD titled Prison City - First Offense. No one knows what the future will bring but Prison City is just reborn and we are having a blast!!!
Band/artist history
We started to rebuild the band in 2008, had some problems and put it on the shelf until 2011, and then decided we were just going to move ahead with the CD project. We are going to see how it goes, and if well, we may record another CD with all Brand new Material
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are only recording new material at this time and have no plans to take to a stage, but who knows what he future will bring...
Your musical influences
80's metal and hard rock bands!
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez guitars, Pearl Drums, Rocktron processors, Dunlop picks, etc.
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