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if...uk 3 piece power trio originating from Bristol England in 1990s. Members have included Pete Waller on Vocals Guitar, Rod Willner on Drums and Gary Timmis o
if...uk began life in SAM Studios Backfields Place Stokes Croft Bristol in January 1990 where Steve Street, Andy Fox and Merv Woolford previously ran their Recording Studio. In response to their first Demo Tape (recorded @ WhiteHouse Studios Kew Stoke Bristol) the band secured a 'Residency' @ Mr Popes Frog Lane Bristol - rehearsing in the basement there situated below Park Street in the old Wine Cellar. Their 'Banner' was created from material supplied by Cameron Balloons and the artwork was created by Jon Mills using the Celtic Rune for Harmony as his template. Every week if...uk played to packed audiences in Bristol, Bath and London. They refused to play covers citing that for example (as Pete would say) "they dont play ours so we're not playing theirs..." Although for Weddings, Funerals and barmitzvahs they would relent and do a version relevant to the gig...
Band/artist history
1990 Vocals Guitars Pete Waller, Bass Craig G Williams, Drums Iain Ferguson 1991 Vocals Guitars Pete Waller, Bass Chris Selway, Drums John Bishop 1995 Vocals Guitars Pete Waller, Bass Gary Timmis, Drums John Bishop 2002 Vocals Guitars Pete Waller, Bass Gary Timmis, Drums Max Hyman 2011 Vocals Guitars Pete Waller, Bass Gary Timmis, Drums John Bishop (Live) Drums Rod Willner (Studio) 2012 Vocals Guitars Bass Pete Waller, Drums Rod Willner
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At present recording and writing in a shed near Bath England
Your musical influences
Hawkwind, T.REX, Bowie, Sex Pistols, Igyy Pop, Rolling Stones, Mott the Hoople, Nirvana, Stereophonics, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Rita Lynch and Status Quo
What equipment do you use?
Black Bertha Hofner Electric Guitar with built in Graphic Equaliser, Bessie the Fender Bass, Peavey Amp, Pro Tools and G4 Mac
Anything else?
one day all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people will have the same access to... and enjoyment of Music as hearing people enjoy today... Pete Waller DeafboyOne if... uk
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