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Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker
13 Tracks
Multifaceted Italian composer, moving around several genres and the fusion in-between (new age, ambient, trance, progressive rock)
I work mainly with electronic instruments; computer, sequencer, synthesizers, samplers, effects. I also record my electric and classical guitar performances. I like to experiment and do various kind of styles. I'm active since year 1991.
Band/artist history
I loved music and computers already as a small child. When about 8 years old, I was programming my own computer games. For this reasons it was natural that at some point I began making music with computers. Before internet got wide-spread, there was another (kind of underground) way to communicate with computers: bulletin board systems. I distributed my works this way, and got in contact with the so-called demo scene. I thus joined groups of creative people, and with them made kind of multimedia creations (so-called demos and intros), some of which won competitions, or got close to it. In that period I was also known as Stun. The chance to get more known came with the internet. Since I entered the internet world, in 1999, my music started to be downloaded much more than before. From september 1999, my tunes have been downloaded more than 1 million times (according to some sources it may even be the double). In year 1998, I unfortunately got injured at the spinal cord, and still now use a wheel-chair. This has not hindered my musical activity. I took music lessons (harmony, composition, flute, guitar, keyboard), some of which are still going on. Apart from composing, I like improvisation. Instead of learning to play other people's music with the guitar and keyboard, I prefer to become skillful at improvising my own music. I am not bound to a sinlge genre, but like to experiment. Visit my main online music archive for downloading my music for free: . I am in search for a record label. Some of my tunes are available as paid downloads on Soundclick and about other 80 online stores, including iTunes, Amazon, Messaggerie Digitali, Virgin Mega.
Your musical influences
Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Enya, Antonio Vivaldi, Decoryah, Kit Watkins, Astral Projection, Em:t label releases (Paul Frankland, Miasma, ...), Amiga-scene tracker musicians. And many more.
What equipment do you use?
Korg Triton Rack synthesizer, Access Virus KC synthesizer, Yamaha PSR-630 arranger keyboard, Yamaha RGX-112 electric guitar, Privada P-6E classical guitar (amplified), Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar, Digitech RP-1 guitar multi-effect processor, personal computer with music software.
Anything else?
PLEASE NOTE: You can find many other tunes I did at my main music archive, to download for free: . Please contact me if you need to license my music for your productions.
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