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Grand Legacy
Grand Legacy
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Grand Legacy is not a band but a whole family who is working together to build a solid and productive company that will change lives with our music.
Grand Legacy Ent. Was born July, 2012 with the vision of The Bishop, Wayne Groove, & Boss Jones. In understanding the method, they all seem to understand that it time for a change. Grand Legacy Ent. is not just some management company, we are a motivational and unique business that make sure that all our artist understand the value of being professional on stage and off stage. It seem we have so many negative vibes in the world today, no one understand the importance stages of change, growth and development, and we are here to change that mood. How? By given you a deep sense of love, respect, honor and truth for without these method, how can you call yourself a real man or a real woman. I am glad that we start this company, for it has allowed me to express myself in a way that others are afraid to do. Hopefully with time, we will have more artist to come forth, and help change the movement of HIP HOP and the false view many people have today about our music.
Band/artist history
Well as you know, The Bishop that is our mentor, father and friend, in fact he is our Pastor. When we first went to him, it was a little uneasy, because we felt he wouldn't understand what type of music we desired to do, and that we may end up being judged, but when he explain to us, that we is a 2pac fan, and that is main artist of the day was DMX, we just started laughing, because we never thought he listen to that type of music. After that, we made the move to get things going, building our studio and management label, and we begin to put our songs. As for me and Boss Jones, we have been knowing each other for years, and I can assure that we are brother by faith, love and truth, even though we have different parents. LOL. Many people ask us if our group name Grand Legacy, no that is the name of the company we put together with The Bishop. Boss Jones and I came from two different groups, he started off with Boss Family and I came from the group called Casino Team, and we decided to just team up and build our management company to help ourselves, and to help other artist in the Peoria IL and Chicago Area.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have future concert dates coming up soon, and we are working with individuals like Tower Light Records to get our name out there, and to ensure that we learn this business the right way. So keep in tune, we will be in your town in the near future.
Your musical influences
Well, that is not new to people, I guess you can truly say 2Pac, DMX, NAS, and there are a few others, plus we also like a little jazz, gospel music, with all that we will be adding to our music to show the world how music can be use to help develop strong and productive minds of today.
What equipment do you use?
Well, we use alot of different things to produce our sound, but mostly we work with different artist who make beats and we put the words to them within our production house Grand Legacy Ent.
Anything else?
We want the world to understand, it is not about what you want to do, or if you dream about doing, it is about getting up and getting it done. A dream is only a dream if you don't put it together into a plan, and turn it into a live vision. We have made the choice to take our music and make it into a live vision, and if any other artist that would like to join up with us, hey all they have to do is get in touch with The Bishop at info@nlcom.org and trust me, if it is right, welcome aboard to the Grand Legacy Ent. Family.