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Morris Records
Morris Records
31 Tracks
Morris Records is now a Detroit Hip-Hop and R&B Record Label. Morris Records promotes/works with local artists and local businesses from Detroit.
Morris Records is an up-and-coming record label out of Detroit, Michigan. Morris Records was founded in the summer of 2011, with the idea of promoting local music on compilation cds. We celebrate our 8th year as a solid-running local hip-hop label in August 2019. "Many times I'll come across local artists promoting their cd for a couple dollars. More often than not, the music is really good. The problem is not enough people are hearing this local music cause the mainstream music gets so much airplay. You hear so much commercial shit on the radio these days, Morris Records has not gotten much airplay on the radio YET but Morris Records is not going anywhere, Morris Records is here to stay, we promote music on compact discs (CDs), or nowadays with the internet, you can upload your album online and broadcast it on internet radio, youtube, music websites, online mixtapes. The music we promote at Morris Records is really good, more people need to hear this music. That's what we do at Morris Records. We promote local artists and businesses on the flyers and compilation cds. " 5 Volumes are available currently, Volume 6 and Volume 7 will be released soon. Morris Records is releasing new music from MC Slim in 2019. Contact Morris Records to get a copy of Volume 1-7, to contribute songs/music to the Morris Records compilation cds or contact us for booking/promotion.
Band/artist history
Morris Records was founded in the summer of 2011. We are a solid Hip Hop & R&B record label based in Detroit, Michigan. We release new music projects every year around the anniversary of the founding of Morris Records and whenever we have new music to release. Morris Records celebrated 7 years in August 2018. 5 Volumes are available and alot of new projects and new music is coming soon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, many old music club stages and bar stages that closed years ago
Your musical influences
All genres influences our music
What equipment do you use?
My own
Anything else?
Morris Records works with local artists and local businesses, If you want to contribute some music to a Morris Records compilation cd, send us a copy/link/download of your demo/mixtape/cd to Morris Records on facebook, twitter, bandcamp, or SoundClick.
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THINK ABOUT IT (Black Friday Sale!)
Money On My Mind (Meek Mill x Leaf Ward Type Beat)
Glitch - LavishC X TG X FLU
Meek mill type beat ''Dark life''