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Michael Hughes Project
Michael Hughes Project
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Michael A Hughes is a musician/songwriter who performed in the Boston Massachusetts-USA local rock scene in the mid/late 1980s to early 1990s. From New England
Distant Early Warning - Rush Cover
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'See You in Paradise'
Michael A Hughes is a musician/songwriter with his primary instruments being the bass guitar, guitar and keyboards. With his unique way of developing, composing and arranging melodic rock songs signifies that he has something credible to offer the music industry. Michael is writing and recording in his own ProTools based recording studio with the aspiration to gain the interest of publishers, major/independent labels, and major/independent recording artist as a songwriter. Michael has released 5-solo CD's: "COMBINED FORCES" (1999), which contain re-mixed tunes, from earlier years between 1986-1992, with various musicians and vocalist. Broken Heart; Move to the Groove and Not Your Love has been the most responsive songs from this CD. With the exception of a guest lead guitarist (Bobby Harnden), Michael performed all tracks on his 2nd CD "FINALLY OUT" (2001). Red Rivers has received airplay on New Hampshires Rock 101-WGIR and other local college radio stations. Other notable songs to date have been Can You, Can I; The One We Lost; Doubt the Love and Take Care. Michaels third solo effort, WHERES THE LOGIC? was released in October 2002. Filled with more power guitars and fewer keyboards to establish a less 80s sound, while maintaining in the melodic rock genre, Michaels diversity shows with songs from True Love to Smoke Choke. Other notable tunes are: Doing 99; No More Obsession, Time and One Night. The CD Odds'n'Ends" is a compilation CD of selected songs from Michael's 3 solo-demo CD's which has been released to several AOR/Melodic Rock Indi Labels. Michael has completed his forth CD titled Project Hx2. This was a project started with Michael A Hughes (bass, keyboards, vocals, guitar and drum programs) and Bobby Harnden (guitar) short for Project Harnden/Hughes. The projects mission is to help revamp 70s and 80s style AOR and Melodic Rock! Due to the death of Bobby Harnden, in August of 2006, the CD was retitled Project Hx2 under the MICHAEL HUGHES PROJECT and released in 2007 and dedicated to him. Michael worked on a project to re-record tunes written back in the day from his band "HIGH GEAR". Recording of this project started in early 2008 and was completed and released in early 2010. After a short break, Michael decided to write and release "individual" tunes for 2011 which include "Come On Together Now", "Do All You Can", "See You in Paradise", and other's.
Band/artist history
I've been writing tunes since I first started playing guitar over 30 years ago. I love it now as much as I loved it back then and through-out my tenure with bands. Tunes that were not appropriate for the bands I was in at the time have been all saved and new ideas have been developed or recorded as they were to start the Michael Hughes Project.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Have not play out as the Michael Hughes Project. I plan to do 'live' shows in the future when and if I can find musicians available to do so. Do I like it? Love It!!!
Your musical influences
Roxx, The Core and Cut 299 (Jim [guitar] and John [bass] Shalhoup, Michael Demers [guitar], Eric Fitzgerald [guitar], and the other members from these local acts from Boston, MA. John Shalhoup's bass style 100% inspires me to this day. RUSH, Major Artist: Rush, Kiss, Journey, AC/DC...
What equipment do you use?
Today: Washburn B20 Bass, Fender P-Bass, Dean Bass, BC Rich Mockingbird Guitar, Ibanez GIO Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Guitar, Fender Squire Guitar, Alesis QS6.1 Keyboard, M-Audio Keystation, GK 250ML Guitar Amp with a Fender Stereo 4x12 Speaker Cab and a bunch of other toys...
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