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The Past, The Present, and The Future!!!!!!
Cameras On Me
Born in Danville,Il. My father married my mother and joined the military. My sister was born 22 months later. Growing up in a milittary family we moved every three years. So I got used to every thing that I had known to change very quickly. My passion for music on the other hand never changed. At fifteen moving back to Danville my ususal interests in sports shifted completely to the music when I met Ronald Morris, Michael Spriggs and Cloanger Robinson when after hearing me rhyme for the first time Mike and Cloanger suggested we become a group. Anthony Thomas and Doc Brown soon became our managers. After a couple of months of having a team formed we were presented with a recording contract by Leotis Clyburn of Polydor records on The Oprah Winfrey show. First and last group ever to do that. As they say in show business, the rest is history.
Band/artist history
I have made music off and on for quite a while. Now i write and produce. I've picked up photography and have an eye for visuals.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In the process of setting up my first show
Your musical influences
Any and all genres of music have had an influence of some kind.
What equipment do you use?
Mac pro, akai keyboard, apple music production program.
Anything else?
Just wait till you hear what's on my mind