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David Peppi
David Peppi
Wilkes Barre, PA  USA
January 19, 2004
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Band/artist history
Yeah, you know how it all starts. My first keyboard was a two octave tabletop organ that took an hour to warm up before it made noise. (and I mean noise) My Bro and I had more fun with that thing by throwing a marble in the motor and pretending it was a helicopter. I dont quite remember what happened to that organ but I am fairly certain the marble didnt help. Then we would put on our 45 record of Helter Skelter and wear that little piece of paper called a speaker to shreds. I spent the next couple of years pounding out Mozart and Beethoven before my friends let me hear Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. Funny, as much as I came to love Floyd it wasnt until after I started listening to Yes that I became infatuated with Synthesizers. Watching Rick Wakeman play Six Wives of Henry the VIII (a huge keyboard solo) was awe inspiring. I immediately got a copy of the sheet music and played my piano until it was out of tune. So then it was like OK, I need to get me one of those synth things. Not too long after I was the proud owner of my very first keyboard. It was a four octave Korg that could only play four notes at a time. Being so used to playing with ALL my fingers I knew before too long I would get another and another synth. For years I just kept trying to build a wall of keyboards around me to look more like that dude Wakeman. I was trying to build my version of the Spinal Tap cocoon by encasing myself behind way too much gear. I have managed to downsize a little these days as things become more dependant on computers but I still Love to keep a full rack of sound modules close at hand. Maybe someday if the opportunity arises I will rebuild the great wall of keys for all to see. Peace to All
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