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David Blair
David Blair
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I love music, its a great way for me to express myself and what better way to do so than to share it. I play guitar and manage my own tracks by using an abundan
Music is, always has been and always will be a huge part of my life. Its more than just a hobby to me. Im passionate about my music and continue to create and write every opportunity i have. May it be jamming in my living room on my guitar or laying down tracks using software i just love writing and creating. I love many genres spanning from classical music all the way up to heavy metal and like to try a dab hand at all of them. Ive been a guitar player for 15 years now and the practise i have put in has opened many doors for me. I have tried to join bands and groups but family commitments and lack of likewise intrest with other folks has secluded me in my writing. I aim to please with my material, however, i know im not cutting edge. I just hope that whoever listens to my tracks will get the same joy listening as i did creating.
Band/artist history
Ive played guitar for 15 years and for the same length of time i have self taught myself in the art of music management. I have gradualy built my skills on a foundation of determination and sheer intrest of the industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only for family and friends now. I like to keep my circle of critics close lol
Your musical influences
Geez, well if your asking, anything. Although, if i had to choose a few it would probably be the likes of Tesla, Skid row, Muse and the sort. Im pretty open minded though when it comes to music.
What equipment do you use?
Stagg strat (copy), Yamaha 2001 accoustic guitar (a gift), Stagg les paul (copy), Magix MX Music director 2012, Ejay 5 and an abundance of synths and plug-ins (too many)
Anything else?
Cant sing for shit, thats why not many of my tracks will include vocals. You are, however, free to experiment and maybe include some of your own. I will have all my tracks available for free download so go ahead folks. The only favour i will ask is that you let me hear it first :-)