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Dimension 13 is an Established Industrial/Metal/Techno Band Based out of St.Louis Mo. Members GabrielX, Venus Hollywood, and Frik, Plan on taking their projec
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Falling Down
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Dimension 13 is an Established Industrial/Metal/Techno Band Based out of St.Louis Mo. Members GabrielX, Venus Hollywood, and Frik, Plan on taking their project all the way to the top. Ready to show The World what they are made of. Their Music is Dark, Intense, Emotional, Electro-Industrial, With Vocals that stick to your head and Lyrics that make you think. Dark Melodic grooves with an Experimental and Abrasive edge, Heavy guitars and Bass Lines that keep you on your feet and Drum beats that make your heart beat. Amazing keyboard lines and the presence that never lies. Dimension 13 is the Ultimate Industrial Techno Metal band of the 21st century
Band/artist history
DIMENSION 13 IS AN INDUSTRIAL METAL BAND Originally based out ST LOUIS MO. CREATIVE AND DARK, PLAYING GIGS ALL OVER THE USA. MAKE SURE TO CATCH THEM LIVE TO EXPERIENCE THE TRUE DIMENSION 13 WITH ENERGY SO HIGH U WILL always COME BACK FOR MORE. UPBEAT AND DARK DIMENSION 13 IS definatly not a band to skip on. They quickly became one of the most intersting acts in ST LOUIS. During the "requiem of the eclipse" era they supported such bands as Sevendust,Mushroomhead,Dr chuds X ward, and GRAVES. In 2002 they released their second album "THE NEW FACE of ANARCHY" and quickly became a regularly touring ACT playing such prestige clubs as L'MOURS in Brooklyn, THE VIPER ROOM in LA and CBGBS in NYC. WITH a prescence that never lies its no wonder DIMENSION 13 is gaining popularity every day Dont expect the usual. Now opening for such bands WOLFPAC, DOG FASION DISCO,DOPE,and The Electric Hell fire Club. Dimension 13s sound and stage performance rivals the best. NOW ON THE REVOLUTION TOUR 2004 COMING TO EVERY HUMAN ACCROSS THIS COUNTRY PREPARE FOR THE COMING of DIMENSION 13 featuring Band Members: GABRIEL X ( VOCALS, KEYS, SYNTHS) With VOCALS AND RHYTHMS reminenscent of JIM MORRISON but with a high edge sound most notiably mastered by artists such as ALICE COOPER, Marilyn MANSON, and TRENT REZNOR. VENUS HOLLYWOOD (BASS) ENERGETIC AND CREATIVE. MOST COMPARE HIM TO a mixed-SOUND LIKE ORGY, MINISTRY AND 80'S METAL. FRIK (GUITARS) POWERFUL and grinding sound with similaritys to the raw edge of bands like MINISTRY, WHITE ZOMBIE, & MOTLEY CRUE EVERYTHING IS 100%guarenteed to ROCK YOUR WORLD WITH MELODIES OUT OF CONTROL WITH MEMBERS That ARE ALL ORIGINAL AND DEFIANTLY TALENTED AND FOCUSED. NEW ALBUM IS NOW COMPLETE "THE FALL of MODERN SOCIETY" Featuring "Massacre the guilty" "Sin is IN" & "Fall from GRACE" $15.99 and is now available at all record stores for more info check out W W W . D I M E N S I O N - 1 3 . C O M
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Baltimore, Charleston, Huntington, Chicago, Cleveland Area, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, New Oleans, New York, St.Louis, Detroit, Little Rock, Pheonix, Austin-Dallas area, and anywhere in between.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Korg and Ensonic Keyboards. Alesis dats, Roland Recording, Boss Drum machines, Ibanez and Gibson Guitars, Marshall Guitar amplifiers, Digitec Prosessing. Ibanez Basses and Harke Bass amps.