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Roger R Whiteside
Roger R Whiteside
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Music Producer, performer and all round artist.
Dance, Die, Dance [FLAC]
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A new track produced exclusively in FL Studio 20 only using virtual instruments.
Timeless Part of Me MP3]
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Layer of Pathogenic Vermin
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Solo music project of Roger Rawiri Whiteside of Whanganui, New Zealand. 20+ years in recording music and a total of 30 years in general music.
Band/artist history
Started in Kapa Haka (Maori Culture) group with family and progressed to learning as many instruments as I could to even now. My family are the heroes in this story; every twist and turn they have saved my life, they have saved my heart and my mind and lifted my spirit. For the last 13 years I attribute my abilities to the care and love I have received from my partner in love and life Krissie.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've performed many times in front of crowds, my earliest memories are of Kapa Haka in front of massive crowds for school, or out of school kapa haka, I can't remember. I have performed with choirs, in small bands and groups and on my own. My Kapa Haka days are probably my fondest when I think about it.
Your musical influences
Every single artist i have heard, every single person, animal, natural plant and element are my teachers and influencers.
What equipment do you use?
PC and FL Studio, guitar, microphone.
Anything else?
Advice is to keep going, don't give up. I have been year after year without much money back from what I've put in and I have, even recently, numerously thought of packing in my music projects. If you have seen the drawing of a man digging for gold who gives up just before he strikes it big, without knowing he's almost there, then that's what I mean. Your next beat, your next vocal mix could send the world into a craze and crave for your talent. Keep moving forward and practice every chance you get! Rest is also important and eat and drink well. Learn your instrument, or part to play, then do it your way without compromise.
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