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Joshua Jarman (US)
Joshua Jarman (US)
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I see the world and often wonder how different the views of it are. I wonder why we people live the lives that we choose to live. Inspiration for my music is al
See Squirrel Run
Peak in sub-genre #40
Try something new... Why live in a world becoming gray with imitation.
Band/artist history
Joshua Jarman is a guitarist, born and raised in Ridgeville, South Carolina. He began playing the guitar at the age of 7, when he received a Cameo Nylon-string Acoustic from his father. Josh has tried his hand and many different guitar styles throughout his career, including metal, alternative, ska, and dabbling in some jazz. In 2008, Josh began developing a guitar style similar to that of Preston Reed, Andy Mckee, and Justin King. Vocal inspiration comes from that of Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Ed Sheeran. This gave birth to the sound that you hear today. Josh plans to travel the world, sharing his skill with others hoping to do the same thing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live. I enjoy the energy of being on stage it is exciting and comfortable. It allows my music to thrive. I like to play a venue aimed directly at the musician. Not wrapped around another cause (alcohol, etc)
Your musical influences
Erik Mongrain, Jon Gomm, Dub FX, Incubus, John Butler, Mozart, Beethoven... There are far too many to list here. Music is everywhere. I am influenced in even the rain.
What equipment do you use?
Lag T400DCE Acoustic Guitar, Breedlove Atlas Acoustic guitar. Various microphones
Anything else?
We don't always need words to spread a message. Powerful, yes, but not always necessary. There seems to be a sense of vibration even in the blackest of silences. I cannot escape the vibrations of the world... but I will share with you how I cope. Much Love All