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Keith Mitchell
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Surreal Moment
Written and recorded September '22. All instruments except the Drums.
As of Now
Uploaded 10 hours ago
The Time Has Come
Uploaded 10 hours ago
Inside Out
Written and recorded December '20. All instruments except the Drums.
Down and Out
Some people fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Difficult at any time of the year but particularly during Winter time. Spare a thought for them. Written and recorded July '21. All instruments played by me.
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You create some lovely Jazz Keith, yet another lovely tune friend.
Back for another listen - I always appreciate the work that musicians put into their songs
Soulful and reflective. This is such a cool tune. This has the blues and it's superb.
Really interesting the way you build the backing track up from different instruments, each playing a different part of the rhythm - it's something that Gentle Giant did quite a bit and something I really love. great melody and wonderful instrument sounds. Yeah I like this a lot.
Reminds me of some of Ornette Coleman's music in the styling and approach. Interesting combinations of instruments and nice clarity in the mix. Something very different and outside the usual trad jazz structure