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Hype, dedicated, fresh, breath of fresh air in this discombobulated genre of Hip-Hop...
Raul Hernandez (AKA D-A-Dubb) is a born Californian, Colorado raised Veteran artist and Producer. Starting Music at the age of 14, D-A-Dubb started with a musical play, that happened to have a rap song involved already pre-written. Having rehearsed, performed and delivering a strong presence, he learned that he had a knack for the stage. He continued rapping in the form of Freestyle at young High School parties, getting recognition at every spot he stepped foot in. He progressed with his talents to a keyboarding class that allowed him to become his own producer. From that point on his career was chosen. In 1996 he took his first 13 songs to a premier studio in Denver, paid $500, and was done with a whole album in 16 hours. Thinking it was just a stepping stone in his career,(which it proved to be a huge one), fellow classmates were intrigued by the professionalism that was taken on independently at such a young age, and the overall sound of the project. Mr. D-A-W-G was born. In 1998, he joined with an old partner named Joel-C and legitimately started the Denver born record label Individual Kings Productions. Halloween of that year he pressed his first Maxi-Single with his then group A.R.G. Anutha Relm of Gangstaz. 4 Songs professionally pressed on cassette and Compact Disc. From 1999 on Mr. D-A-W-G started producing music for the other group on the label The S.P.I.C.S.(Spanish Poets Invading Colorado Streets) and released the self-titled 2nd Maxi-Single. In 2000, the direction took a turn for the bigger projects to come. The 2000 hit LP entitled I2K-Individual Kings Kompilation was the first full length release from IKP. With Mr. D-A-W-G overseeing the project he was able to take the sound and production to another level, and get his feet wet for bigger and better albums to come. Such as in 2003, Anutha Relm of Gangstaz-Lyrical Ammo, and the 2004 The S.P.I.C.S.-Mental Advisory LPs, which The S.P.I.C.S. won an award for best Hip-Hop Cd with a Latin Flavor Westword Magazine 2005. Since 05 Mr. D-A-W-G has released 3 solo projects, changing his name to D-A-Dubb in 2008. The Trailz of What I See, Nokturnal Playground, and the hit Double Disc CD Veterans Day all have their own unique sound. With the 2008 release of Nokturnal Playground, D-A-Dubb started venturing into other aspects of the business full time and started investing time and money into radio and TV education. Celebrating 10 years as a business owner, he then pioneered the music video scene in Denver and took the music to a whole new level. In 2010, the release of Veterans Day put him on a pedestal amongst the elite artists in Colorado. Taking his stage performances to a level not seen in Denver before, D-A-Dubb was now being recognized as an all around musician, performer, videographer, and producer. Since 2010 he has remained producing and releasing, promoting and marketing everything that has the now Individual Kings Media Enterprize foundation to it. Producing IKMEs VP Sik Sence-The Sik Sence LP, he has toured the SW region also along with Texas and Missouri. He now owns his own mobile App and releases singles quad-monthly to keep his fans fresh with new music all the time. Celebrating 15 years in 2013, D-A-Dubb is about to engage on an all out promotional tour that takes his all around talents from engineering, mixing and mastering, production, and music video directing to his absolute limits that he promises to leave a mark with.
Band/artist history
Says it all up top
Have you performed in front of an audience?
D-A-Dubb and his partners from Individual Kings Media Enterprize including Sik Sence, Mike D Chill, Deejay Si-Fi, Menice, and Droopy G, along with the newest dancers Jayda Rae and Venus, have taken the $4,000 Grand Prize for Denver's Step Up and Get Live performance tournament, and have been crowned Colorado's Best Performers... Big ups to IKME...
Your musical influences
5. Music influences are off the top Rolling Stones, Sting/The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, and any Oldies just about. My rap influences first go to the G.O.A.T. in my opinion Ice Cube, N.W.A., MC Ren, 2 Live Crew, Sir-Mix-A lot, Geto Boys,All 90s Bay Area Music, No Limit, Dayton Family, Top Authority, South Park Coalition, Ganksta Nip, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Bone Thugs, Ant Banks, Spice 1, Cypress Hill, DMX, and DJ Quik before he dissed Denver. Haa. And last but not least Tech N9ne and the whole Strange Music Camp, the beast of our time now.
What equipment do you use?
M Audio midi control, Reason, Sonar 8.5 and my brain
Anything else?
Thank you to all my fans and supporters. You're the reason Dubb is still here doing his thang...keep it movin with me...
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