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Rebirth Royale
Rebirth Royale
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I am a well rounded artist/producer, no matter the genre, I'm most likely into it. I pride myself on being lyrical, and having a wide musical range. All in all
Blocc Bangas presents: A Look Behind The Curtains
I am Rebirth Royale a Houston based artist/producer for Blocc Bangas Productions/Dream Team, an independent movement of many..
Band/artist history
I started rapping with my brother back in like 2001, just for fun..We use to freestyle over karaoke and tape ourselves, that's until we got into buying the actual software to record on the pc. From there we had been doing mixtapes, and performing for the neighborhood and friends. I would say around 2005, I was approach by old acquaintance and asked to do a mixtape with a few local artists, which in return earned me a spot in the group C.O.C. (cream of the crop). C.O.C. was and/or is a Houston based group consisting of 5 solo acts put together to form a power house..These guys actually put me in my first state of the art recording studio (Sunrise Studios)..Fast forward to around 2008, a lot has happened by this time, C.O.C. was no more, some of my close peers ended up turning on each other so, I was mainly left to do me solo..In this time span I got a lot stronger conceptually and creatively, like I was marching to the beat of my own drum..I moved on to not only being a artist but also producing..I started a company with my 2 brothers known as Blocc Bangas Productions and since then everything has gotten a little bit more serious, I guess you can say we didn't know how good we actually were until 2012 when C.O.C. formed once more, and with that came a host of new artists that really took a liken to our production work..Since then I've produced and featured on Jo'Al - First Impression, Q Slump - Last Dayz To Starve, J Saxon - Supremacy Mixtape, and etc. Finally we've noticed that we share a gift from god and we are from this point on gonna take full advantage of it...A wise man once said to me work isn't work when you love what you do and I love it..Let's work..
Your musical influences
The different artists, producers, writers, directors.. Anyone who's involved with creating this art that we call music is a influence to me.. I wake up to it and go to sleep to it, I love it.
Anything else?
Would encourage anyone to contact me socially as well as to network, I've came to find you don't make it in this business by being antisocial..