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Bill Hutchinson
Bill Hutchinson
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Bill Hutchinson is singer songwriter who is using his home studio to produce his repertoire of original music. Bill was part of "Crystal Roots" a Folk-Rock band
Colors Of Spring master mix
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PitBill Hutchinson is an aging rocker who's flame for making music still burns. PitBill was a primary song writer for the band Crystal Roots in the early 90's. He now is writing and recording music in his home studio. The music on this page was written, performed and produced by PitBill and is his latest material that very in genre from instrumental to hard hitting rock.
Band/artist history
I started playing music at the age of five at which time I would go behind my mother and play a tune that she was hashing out on the family organ. At age 10 I could pick out almost anything i heard but still could not read music. at this point I was fooling my middle school band teacher and still playing by ear. High school came and along with it I finally learned to read music. I continued with music in college. 1990 I joined a local Seattle band called Crystal Roots who were looking for artists with original music to join. I performed with Crystal Roots for 5 years before the group disband when the key members went separate ways. During the Crystal Years I performed and recorded 5 of my original songs. as well as band originals. Today I am producing music at home and playing mostly for friends and family. I hope to inspire young musicians to follow their dreams by teaching. Peace Bill Hutchinson
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I have played around The Seattle area In my old band Crystal Roots I ha also done solo gigs around the state.
Your musical influences
My Grandfather and Grandmother, Rock and blues legends like Albert King, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jimmy Page and the list goes on......
What equipment do you use?
Playing an 80's vintage Kramer Focus and a Oscar Schmidt acoustic. I am currently using a AudioBox USB along with Studio One 2 Artist recording software and Finale 2011 notation software
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