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Hazz Jazz
Hazz Jazz
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I like to compose music and write lyrics.
Let Me Whisper Something In Your Ear
Peak position #26
Will Somebody Make Me Ask That Girl For A Dance?
Today #21 in Country Swing subgenre
Whole Lotta Bossa Goin' On!
Peak position #6
Loren's Lounge
Peak position #5
Imagining You
Today #74 in Smooth Jazz subgenre
Actually, "the band" is only me, composing and recording songs with the assistance of digital music creation software.
Band/artist history
Again, I am not a member, or a leader, of a band. However, I have been writing songs since about 1995, or 1996, I would guess.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I am not a performer. As indicated above, I use computers and software to create music.
Your musical influences
Everything I've ever listened to has exerted an influence on me. I did grow up in a household that contained a great quantity and variety of music on vinyl records. Both my father and my mother were determined to expose their children to as much "artistic" stimulus as they could bring into our home.
What equipment do you use?
To make music, I use PG Music's "Band-in-a-Box" software to compose songs. To sequence MIDI and audio I use Cakewalk Music Creator Pro 24. The instrument sounds come from virtual instrument software such as Garritan Jazz & Big Band, V.I. One from Vir2 Instruments, First Call Horns from Big Fish Audio, Miroslav Philharmonik and SampleTank from IK Multimedia, and a variety of other MIDI and audio-related software products.
Anything else?
I remember a time when I heard people whistling, humming, or singing tunes they'd heard on the radio, or on a phonograph record, as they walked down the street, or went about their work. I don't see that kind of thing anymore. Personally, I'd like to hear more melody in music.
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