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Cruton Bey
Cruton Bey
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Cruton Bey put the Gangsta in Reggae like NWA put the Gangsta in Rap, he bring to you Reggaeism a new style in reggae music, it is hard for most to comprehend b
Cruton Bey put the Gangsta in Reggae like NWA put the Gangsta in Rap, he bring his message of truth buck naked and raw, It's time for a change and he bring that change that's long overdue in the world of Reggae music and the world as a whole, this is an evil world and so are the people in it, the fools is moving to the left but the wise is staying on the right, he is the first Native American to enter the Reggae Arena as a Moor, these people of earth are very confused when it come 2 the language of this dimension, they try and judge you by the way you speak and the words you use, but all those holy one are way off base and live in darkness, scientists have found Profanity is actually a sign of more intelligence not less, People who curse have a larger vocabulary than those who don't, Psychologists have learned that people who frequently curse are being more honest with people and are not hypocrites like those who don't, People Who Curse A Lot Are Smarter, Funnier And Healthier, do some research and find out for yourself, you gonna have the devils star people who are afraid of the truth, this is why Cruton designed his music for streaming and downloads only because it would be 2 much for terrestrial radio and it's listners 2 digest, his word of truth are not for the holy, but for the wicked who hides in the dark like a mole, you see it's a different between the real and the bul dookie, that's what they putting on your mind in today's music, so you want care about what's going on around you and you will be destroyed along with them, we also want too make this statement of truth to the world and the people in it so there can be no confusion, In 1993, the United Nations Center for Human Rights, recognized the Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Muur Empire as the Oldest Indigenous group of people on Earth. The registered Project # 215/93 ensued..Cruton Bey the Moor started in entertainment working on southern radio stations as a DJ under the wings of Clyde Pinkney & Sonny DeLoach known to his fans as "Sugar Daddy Sonny Honey", he bring a new underground style of reggae music 2 the table known as Reggaeism for his people, it's entertainment and education all in one, and it will not heard on regular radio, because he use words in his songs to make sure you get the powerful message of what he got to say, he is not afraid to speak the truth no matter who don't like it and his songs reflex how he feel about society and man in flesh, and that is dooky squat, Cruton Bey is French Washitaw , He was taught his pedigree by his father's mother who raised him in the deep south and the family bond was tight and truth wasn't hidden, and he take his Gran Parents teachings and pedigree serious, because They who don't know their roots, is like an old dead oak tree, on the banks of a mighty river. All Asiatic skin didn't come to these shores of West Africa via a slave ship, they changed history around on you, and in his songs is a lot about that, how they made fools out of most, She taught him to be proud to be Creole, and the Native American and French blood that run through his veins are the key to the human race, and a gift from Jah the most High God and the Universe. He was influenced by his late Great Uncle James DeShay Sr a legendary blues guitarist and singer and night club owner, who also influenced the late great Howling Wolf and Lil Walter Jacobs, but he knew blues was not their native music but Island music was, as a child he never liked the so called black music of R&B, and blues wasn't his thing, even though his mentor played it, being young he saw how easy it was to get caught up in a culture that's not yours, he saw his people change but he stuck with his teachings of the elders, As he got older he became wiser and became influenced by The King of reggae_ Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Bujue Banton, Steel Pulse, Maxi Preist and many more reggae greats who gave him his true connections in this dimension. What our ancestors were, we are today without doubt or contradiction and there is no man in human flesh who is able to change you from your descendant nature of your forefathers, unless their power extend beyond the Most High God and the Universe. He believe in the five highest principals known to man in flesh, which is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. And he know if the whole world smoke Jah's plant of knowledge, it will be a better place to exist in and it will heal the nation and the world, He have his own way and style of bringing the message to man by way of Reggaeism somthing that is hard for most to comprehend, he is not Racist or a hypocrite and to be that way he would be Hating himself, since he carry the blood of both formulas of the human race in his veins. The things he sing about is real and you see it everyday , nothing fake but the real deal and the truth can be a bitter pill to swallow for some, but the truth will set you free, our people are crying about the same things today, just like they did 40 yrs ago and will be singing the same tune 40 yrs from now unless they change their tune today, they changed history around on the asiatic people and they was here first, The King Bob Marley once said you can fool some of the people somtime, but you can't fool all the people all the time .........1 Love, Cruton Bey
Band/artist history
I am a solo artist and not a band, but I started out being a disc jockey on the radio in the south, under a different stage name, I was later an agent for a band, after that I was a community tv producer, produced 2 neighborhood teleplays for community access cable tv, I was the first to write and produce a all Asiatic teleplay in the city of St Louis for community access cable tv, we brought reality tv long before this thing of today, but St Louis is a very racist town and they hide it very well with the help of our own kind, we never got credit for our work, they stole the viewers choice award for our show and gave it 2 another show, an insider told us what they did, Double Helix's racist 2 the bone
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I don't play live, I am part of the digital revolution and a avatar in this digital world bringing a message of truth to a doomed world in a dimension called the Africa, it's not logical for the Greeks to call this the Milky Way, when they wasn't here first, mankind is afraid of truth and will fight you over it
Your musical influences
My first influence to entertainment was my late great uncle James DeShay Sr, who was a singer and blue's guitarist and club owner, he influenced the Late Great Howling Wolf and Lil Water Jacobs, some of the people in the movie Cadillac Records, as I got older and learned more about who I really was, I put the things my gran parents had taught me together, and with the help of the internet I saw the true light and I became influenced by the King of Reggae Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, and many more Reggae greats, they gave me that drive to be who I am, accept who I am and never be afraid, the King Bob Marley said, we gonna run these ball heads out of town, he also said, you can fool some of the people somtime, but you can't fool all the people all the time
What equipment do you use?
I record in my private studio and we create our own beats
Anything else?
A message to the ladies, I support Breast Cancer Awareness and I ask all my beautiful sisters no matter what the hue of your skin, no matter what's your age, I know some young ladies who have Breast cancer, so forget what that doctor is talking about, "GO GET A CHECK UP, PLEASE", THIS IS A KILLER
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