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Rob Neary
Rob Neary
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About Robert Neary: Robert Neary, Composer of Production Music for TV, Film, Movies, websites, corporate media, commercials, jingles, soundtracks, DVD and adver
About Robert Neary: Composer of Production Music for TV, Film, Movies, websites, Corporate media , commercials, jingles , soundtracks, DVD , advertising. It has been another great year for the Liverpool, UK, guitarist and composer Rob Neary. His tracks were included in the Academy Award nominated film The Wrestler, and in Thunder Over Reno, presented at the Cannes Film Festival. His music compositions have been included in computer games, movie trailers, HBO shows, and stockcar racing websites. In addition, he has been featured in commercials for Addidas and KPMG. Rob, who was influenced by Steve Vai, just keeps climbing the charts with his diverse and driving talent. His credits include:- Oscar Nominated & golden globe winner Motion Picture The Wrestler 2009 Smithsonian Network Documentary- "The Rivals" (TBA 2010) Motion Picture Thunder Over Reno 2008 Recent Clients include - Momentum Pictures CBS Addidas Unilever KPMG Reuters Boeing BAE Systems Grants (Glenfiddich) Alton Towers (Theme Park) HBO Smashing Toys (PC Game) Defy Motion Pictures Rip Curl For custom work (songs or score), please contact me via email to discuss your needs and budget. Regards Rob Neary ************************************************* While Robert Neary's guitar playing has a distinct Satriani/Vai style influence, the fact that he is a gifted composer writing true instrumental, guitar-rock-anthems with memorable-melodies and catchy riffs shines through. This (Cruise Control, Star Screamer) is the kind of music you want on your car stereo on those sunny summer days when you driving with top down or sun roof open. On the track Robert does with vocals a clear 80's rock influence is present, and the songs have a film soundtrack type of upbeatness something you could imagine hearing on classic 80's movies such as Top Gun easily. The guitar riff on Your Always On My Mind had an almost Berlin / new wave style influence- combined with Robert's modern alternative style vocals. This is a talent to keep watchig for more good music... Kat W. Deep Blue Wonders Music Publishing ASCAP ************************************************* Robert Neary Listen to: "i am machine" Buy The CD This is very straight forward heavy rock from gifted rock/metal guitarist Robert Croydon, who's based in Surrey, UK. Robert is an amazingly talented player, influenced by Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, but he brings modern sensibilities to his playing. I really love the song "I'm a Machine," which emulates classic, melodic heavy metal (Dio, Black Sabbath) incorporating extremely subtle and well placed elements of newer bands like Korn and Tool. "You're Always On My Mind" demonstrates how lyrical his playing can be but still maintains a hard edge. Robert is handling all of the instrumental tracks and vocals himself, so maybe my suggestion here would be to put some high end modulation on the vocals and everything would be totally killer. "Can You Feel It" is a bit of a departure in that he uses some sampled dialogue for a kind of urban/metal blend. Nice work on the hi-hat too. If radio ever starts playing song-based guitar rock again, these songs could all be hits. Robert Neary is a refreshing discovery on Starpolish. --http://www.starpolish.com/artists/critics/archive.asp?id=286 ************************************************* Robert Neary has sold CD's world wide to countries such as; Italy,Germany,Canada,Sweden,United Kingdom,Hong Kong,Russia,Australia Switzerland,Puerto Rico & all across the USA!
Band/artist history
Born in Liverpool England in 1973, Robert Neary began his musical journey via the keyboard at the age of 11 and then re discovered music at the age of 15 thanks to his father who got started with 2 years worth of classic guitar lessons at his local school. Robert?s father was a big Eric Clapton fan, and just like Clapton he started Robert playing electric guitar on his 16th birthday after buying him a guitar as a present. He learned how to play the electric guitar himself by jamming with friends and by listening to as many songs as he could by ear. Roberts biggest guitar influences where Steve Vai , Joe Satriani,Nuno Bettencourt,Richie Kotzen ,Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen. During his college years he joined a band called ?17 crash? for a brief time, and they played cover songs from ?SKID ROW and Motley Crue etc?. He performed live for both colleges he attended and was also asked to help with some musical stage production and an award evening. After college Robert became involved in ?rock shop? which was run by ?herbie flowers ? (bassist with David Bowie during the 70?s in ?ASIA?) and was a type of ROCKSCHOOL which pooled different musicians together to form a band and write a song in a week. The finale was a large rock concert with each band performing one song live in front 500 people at the harlequin theatre in red hill. Robert?s make shift band was called ?time? and the song he wrote was called ?be careful what you do?and had a very Bryan may solo in the middle and got the crowd going. After a spell out of the live scene and after various band auditions and a short stint playing for both ?Kim era? & ?metal head?. Robert turned to his song writing abilities and began to put his first album together, which featured a collection of songs called ?Evolution? and was released via ?CDBABY.COM? during 2002 and received positive feedback. So much so that one song ?I am machine? was to be featured on the soundtrack to a movie and his song ?your always on my mind? was used on a new digital cable TV channel called ?TXTME TV? to play in the background to promote the channel and they where so impressed they kept the song playing for another 6months!. Robert is very modest about his music skills, but usually stir?s some interest when he play?s in a music shop. ?I was playing a Reb beach(winger) Ibanez guitar in a shop in California and this guy asked me if I would teach his daughter how to play? ?The first time I discovered rimmer?s music in Chorley I had a go on an Ibanez SZ320 and after I finished the guy in the store said ?great playing! are you in a band or do you have a CD?? ?At the 2005 London Guitar show I had a go on a 8 string guitar this guy makes and let?s say I got a little carried away?and then the guy turns the amp up and a small crowd start?s to gather around the stand?..how cool was that! I then went to the ?Pendells guitar stand? and the had a play and he said, you?re the bets player I have heard all day, you play like me!? ?I have also been asked for my autograph twice, which was really cool!? Robert has recently done collaborations with other artist?s on soundclick.com and has released 3 albums so far which are available at TowerRecords.com & CDBABY and can be found at all good online stores. ?Evolution? 2002 ?Freak machine? 2004 ?Robot rock? 2005 He is currently reworking his image and writing new music to move into a more mainstream audience. Find out more at www.robneary.com for all the latest news
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Do you like it?.... I love it! Any special moments?...every day i play!!!
Your musical influences
Steve vai, joe satriani,Paul Gilbert,Ritchie Kotzen,Korn,Limp bizkit, puddle of mudd,POD,van halen,Extreme,Metallica,Papa roach,sting,police,level 42,A. Club music And Bob Melanson and Chai Vat!!!!dudes!
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez custom built rg550/560 guitar. Ibanez PGM30 with custom pickups. Boss BR8 Digital 8 track. Marshall AVT100 amp. Phillips CDR. EV MIKE 767....digitech harmony vocaliser
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