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After the breakup of the band "The Free-Agents", bassist Fernando Gonzales formed a new line up with oldfriends: Julio Garay, Johnny Gonzalez Andy Sahagian
[Associated Press, August 2005] Hi, my name is Fernando and I formed a band called Crimson Dawn. What we consist of is a line up of friends I've known for a long time and decided to continue where my previous band left off. The difference is that I am directing the band's musical identity and with the people I have chosen as bandmates I feel the project and succeed in producing an alternative sound I always wanted to present. The band is a formation from people around the towns of North Bergen, Weehawken, West New York, and Ridgefield Park.
Band/artist history
I began recording the drums, bass, and guitars separately and wanted to make a solo album. I've had complicated issues starting up my band and other entrepreneur projects due to personal confrontations that led me to be isolated at a school against my will. I was prohibited from hanging out with my friends and got worse with the bullying going on at Saint Josi's. It was horrible 4 unproductive years which I would be compensated for damages later on. From that lesson my family relatives learned was when I am right, I am completely right about assessing things and how to leave an unwanted scene when all is against you in progressing in life. My brothers: Angel Davila, Bruce Sierra, Steven Perez, Oscar Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, and some others really tried to keep the artistic flame going and I commend them for that great effort they did to petition me to be transferred back since MHS had more resources for productivity. Crimson Dawn had a different musical direction from their style and I needed time to further develop it. Alhough I give credit to my MHS friends hung out with me for some time until we grew apart by the time due to different career goals. Also by then we did not seem to click well musically....It was at that time I was listening to Foo Fighters and thought I should record music with my rock style sound that I always wanted to produce but couldn't coz my former bandmates didn't had that ability to make those guitar sounds I wanted. Crimson Dawn was created out of a need to create new music and that included friends like Julio Garay, Johnny Gonzalez, Axel Barragan, John Illescias, and Albert Alonso. Also, of course, we had tons of other musicians but I will make those songs available someday. Fernando Gonzales [August 2005]
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I did played live but only in Peru, Chile and Colombia. Lately I have been hanging out with my childhood friends from South America and there is a special chemistry and they invited me to play bass for their band; and I did. It was fun. I'd say the international platform has a more open understanding of a genre and musical diversity that the states didn't seem to have. So playing live in South America and in Europe had the right people and setup to perform properly.
Your musical influences
Foo Fighters, Nirvana , Oasis, Jao Gordo , Slipknot , David Bowie, and Soda Stereo.
What equipment do you use?
Aria Pro Bass 2
Anything else?
I can give a piece of advise towards anyone that felt their time wasted by people whose ignorance costed me time, health and resources. Move out, have a new beginning and start a life under your own conditions. If things had been under my own terms, I wouldn't be in the drama I was forced and exposed to. -Fernando Gonzales (London, United Kingdom 2005)
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