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The Free Agents Music
The Free Agents Music
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The Free Agents consisted of childhood friends from P.S#2 school west new york, new jersey. The concept of starting started sometime in january of 1997 with fou
The Free Agents (Bergenline Band) originated sometime in January 1997 with founding members Angel Davila, Bruce Sierra, Fernando Gonzales, Jose Gonzalez, and Oscar Gonzalez. Over the next 4 years in their time at the town of West New York's high school: Memorial High School, the band embarked on a journey of musical challenges involving the attempt of creating an album by 2001. Due to obstacles and schedules, the band overall did not achieve making an album as they wanted due to founding member , Fernando Gonzales, was forcefully transferred to a high school known as Saint Joseph of The Palisades; Thus negatively impacted the band's musical direction and organization. Fernando attempted numerous times to transfer back to MHS Memorial but was unfortunately denied which led him to 4 constraining, unproductive, and isolating years. The Band attempted to remain intact with Angel Davila and Bruce Sierra as the leaders while new talents such as Erwin Armijos, Steven Perez, and Miguel Mora joined on some collaborations. By 2001, the band graduated and managed to have performed songs at Memorial High School despite band members performing separately. Here at SoundClick.com, we have exclusive demos and live tracks that the band recorded between the 1997-2001 Era in West New York. Although the band never accomplished what they wanted, the tracks you can listen here are a remainder of potential tracks in the making that were left unsaid. .Stanley DeLuca. 2003.
Band/artist history
The Free Agents (Bergenline Band)are: Angel Davila. Bruce Sierra. Fernando Gonzales. Jose Gonzalez. Oscar Gonzalez. Miguel Nunez. Steven Perez. Erwin Armijos. Carlos Rivero. The Final Line up in 2001 and briefly in 2002: Angel Davila, Bruce Sierra, Carlos Rivero, Fernando Gonzales.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Band Performed live in West New York, Hoboken, North Bergen, and Union City. normally at the Memorial High school talent shows from 1997-2001.
Your musical influences
Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Shakira, The Cranberries, The Cardigans, Metallica, Slipknot, Christian Rock, Marilyn Manson, Red hot Chilli Peppers, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, Animotion, Missing Persons
What equipment do you use?
Tama Drums. Aria Pro 2 Bass. Ibanez Guitars.
Anything else?
Additional Credits: Albert Alonso - Video recording of rehearsals. Johnny Gonzalez - Drums and Percussion setup. Carlos Rivero - Band Member of the final 2001 gig.
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