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Clickers Club Broadcasts
Clickers Club Broadcasts
April 28, 2014
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The Clickers Club was set up by 2 long-standing Soundclick musicians (Rodrica Rudge & Carlo D'Anna). Our mission is to encourage the production of a wide variety of interesting music via challenges/competitions & themed players, to promote a global interactive community with lots of enjoyable chat and discussion, to broadcast artist interviews so that we can get to know more about Soundclick artists and to issue news bulletins regarding all things musical and related to the Soundclick community. We are here to enhance the Soundclick experience, encourage creativity, interaction & establish new friendships.
Band/artist history
The Clickers Club was set up in 2014 by Soundclick musicians who have been on the site since 2006 and 2007 respectively. We identified an interest among musicians and listeners to have a community within the larger Soundclick community where information can be obtained, music can be originated and ideas shared. The Soundclick community is already a thriving and successful interactive music site and our aim is to enhance the enjoyment of members by creating a "gathering place" and a kind of cyber club/bar where we can meet up with friends, swap information and create some great music!
Your musical influences
Many and varied!
What equipment do you use?
Everyone has a different set-up and vast range of equipment/software.
Anything else?
Everyone welcome - musicians, contributors and listeners. Special thanks to Tolgar & Tanju Canli and their staff here at Soundclick for making all this possible.
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