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Defektid is industrial; a mixture of ebm, synthpop, trance, idm and trip hop.
Defektid is a solo project of mine. I have mainly just written music for myself. I'm expressing deep and raw emotions towards system induced affliction. I want to say alot through music but, as my self-confidence is so flawed, I'm nervous to share it with people. Defektid will always try to improve the quality of production and morph it's music style. Hopefully I will be happy with it someday. My musical inspiration comes from fighting bad evil with good evil. I strive to combine dark and uplifting melodies together with a harsh, distorted yet clear ambiance.
Band/artist history
I started writing electronic music in early 2000 but, I haven't been writing music consistently. So I have been learning things slowly - by myself and with the help of a few other musicians.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Ebm, any good trance. Mind.In.A.Box, THYX, Massive Attack, Deadsy, Skinny puppy, Wumpscut, Tarmvred, Wynardtage, Nitronoise and many more.
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops 20 Focusrite Scarlett solo t.bone SC-300
Anything else?
I believe this dying planet is being run by evil forces. For unknown reasons, I have been morphed into something I am not supposed to be. They created mass controlled drones that stay in denial about being controlled. Only to avoid sacrificing EGOs and intelligence. As well as ignorance about a theory that just being a unique and an intelligent individual, does not mean you were never manipulated. This general complacency stands in the way of receiving a cure - for all beings suffering. But this is just one world, humans probably wouldn't be able to lead this place and no balance, normalcy or happiness still could exist. This planet's problems aren't my concern though, because even if things would change, I still would be sick and depressed about my own issues, that have nothing to do with human species or Earth. My issues have everything to do with the world I belong to, that no one here knows about. I'm stuck here for now, so to release my stress, I create music.
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