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Christmas Workshop Band
Christmas Workshop Band
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Christmas Workshop Band Studios produces family orientated songs for your enjoyment. Songs are also avail. as COVERS for your band. Avail : @ Song File.com
Everybody Wants to go Home for the Holidays
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White Christmas Dream
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Christmas Sleigh Ride
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Christmas Tree Carol
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Jingle Bells Rap Ride
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Christmas song for KIDS Medley
Christmas Workshop Band Studios and Glenn T. Carroll Music presents quality original holiday music for the whole family to enjoy. Our studios process these tunes from our original song writer and producers. Albums include: " Christmas Fun and " Christmas Jingles for KIDS "featuring Elfie and enjoy our latest album Christmas Tree Album featuring Grandpa C. Single album by Grandpa C includes: Grandpa Run over the Reindeer and Love You Santa Great collection: fun original holiday songs to enjoy. Those of us who enjoy the holidays. Anyone that wants add to their playlist something little different. For a gift or take the stress away from Christmas. Christmas Fun This collection includes: Love You Santa , Old Christmas Toy, remember favorite toy from when you were young. Im Santa explaining how Santa really looks and feels. Grandpa Run over the Reindeer, grandpa by accident took care of that famous reindeer. Train Goes Around if you had a 4x8 train set youll understand this song. How Do I Send a List to Santa should we send list by mail or E-mail? Also Jingle Santa s Little Reindeer (listen to this story).and Kitty and Pandas Christmas we all loved our Panda and Kitty with us on Christmas. Up on the North Pole a song what happens up at Santa s home? Dog Ate My Christmas Toy we all love our dog. Also enjoy the album: Christmas Jingles for KIDS Christmas Workshop Band. Elfie and friends. They sing popular holiday jingles. You will be delighted to hear: Jingle Bells, Toy Land, Jolly old Nichols T was The Night Before Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Everybody Wants to Go Home for the Holidays, All I Need is a Kitty Cat, Cat Kitty for Christmas " by Elfie Junior. Christmas Tree Album this collection includes: Christmas Tree Carol lets all sing around our tree, White Christmas Dream having Christmas with feet in the sand, Believe Santa keeping the spirit up at Christmas, and Hallelujah Light from the Window uplifting us at that moment. Christmas all around us a celebration of the holiday, Christmas Cowboy how a cowboy feels, Christmas Baby its Christmas enjoying that special time with a loved one. White Christmas Joy snow, food, drink. Christmas Street walking seeing lights and the people. Christmas with Kitty and Panda memories when we were kids, Jingle Bells Rap Ride and Christmas Sleigh Ride both lovely times riding in the snow. Hope you enjoy, (have some eggnog) these songs by: Christmas Workshop Band We enjoy producing and writing family fun music for over many years. Happy Holidays Bands looking to COVER these Holiday songs to your repertoire can contact: Song File.com or Easy song licensing.com ( name of song / writer: Glenn Carroll ) pub. Glenn T. Carroll Music B M I http://www.christmasworkshopband.com http://www.indiebandband.com
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Just writing and producing interesting sounds for many years.
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Studio band only.....
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