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Erich Stephen Weaver
Erich Stephen Weaver
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I am also a cartoonist/graphic novelist Insta - @ErichSWeaver I am just a kid raised in Brantford Ontario Canada, looking for others that love music, life, and
I have always had a great interest in music and instrumentation ever since I was a little kid. My father would play me songs all the time on his acoustic and I would look through his notes and try to figure out the notations. I didn't actually pick up a guitar until I was in grade 8 but I didn't really learn much on it just fiddled around. In to high school I took multiple music classes and took one on the trumpet, bass, and guitar. I don't play trumpet any more but I play any stringed instrument that I am able to get my hands on. But my main instrument has always been the guitar. I don't have many raw audio recordings of me playing but I have a couple on my other page on Reverbnation. Getting into grade 10 area I began to hang out with a really close musical friend and we discovered the program Guitar Pro, we would spend hours just mixing around different patterns to different chords or fills, fills everywhere. We constantly sent each other different creations to each other to see if we could think of anything to add and we started to build up quite the collection in a folder. I still continue to create my own files and I have gotten enough to create an album or two worth of my own material. I comprised all my files and saw which fit together most and thus was born my first album MIDI Invasion I am now currently working on my second album entitled Second Wave. Also listening to my music works best with headphones, or two speakers at least. I always very the ranges of the instruments location in the sound space within the head phones. Makes it much more dynamic. :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have only done a live show once before and it was just a 2-3 song small gig. It wasn't really much of anything but I am more focused on composing right now and learning all the instrumentation and I'd have to get a full band+ together to play my songs live.
What equipment do you use?
Takamine Jasmine Electric Acoustic with cut away, Ibanez S Prestige, Ibanez 7RGA, Line 6 Spider IV, M-Audio Oxygen 25, Harmonica ranges, CI-1 Steinberg Interface, Cubase Artist 6, Guitar Pro 5/6