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Crazy Loc
Crazy Loc
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There ain't much but a damn thang. I keep the music alive. Don't steal my shit because bitches be claimin' my shit as their own now, so I took the Free MP3 shit off.
Band/artist history
my band history? well lets just say i got into the whole music thing ever since i was small. tupac was a major influence in my life since he spoke and wrote his own songs. he was a true artist no matter what people have to say. in my opinion he will always be the best. but yeah i grew up listening to him... and still is... i grew up in a hard life full of struggles and stresses. all i can say is that a homeless person or a poor kid from the third world countries have a better life than me. i still keep my head up though no matter the cause. want to know more then just hit me up on this stupid message board thing. im tired of people IMing me out of no where and shit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i played live a couple of times. on stage and shit like that in front of the whole high school i use to go to, the auditorium for musical talents, and amateur nights in clubs, etc. i liked the feeling and excitement a lot. but ever since i took off my tonsils i got insecure a little bit about my voice. but i still try. even though it doesnt sound as much as good as before. i had special moments performing before. i performed this slow song for one of my loved ones that passed away... and it was intimidating... i felt some sort of... energy?... vibe??... but yeah. it was weird but also good.
Your musical influences
well... from my music im influenced by tupac, biggie, fabulous, nas, 50 cent, and all of the great legends out there. my music isnt just one pure genre. i mix it with a little freestyle, r & b, hip hop, underground hip hop, and rap... all my songs has different meanings and congregations to them. so yeah... im, how do you say, unpredictable??? haha.
Anything else?
well... if you have any questions just leave a message on my message board. thats all i got to say... nothing much to say here... speechless.