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Estelle Charme
Estelle Charme
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Hello, its just me trying to improve my stuff for fun, all instruments and records done by me, having an english music blog is funny, +18 parental advisory
Instrumentale 496 (v3)
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instrumentale 495
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Instrumentale 494
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soy la princesa (failed vocals , waiting for ur vo
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All instruments, vocals, record, composition, mastering : Estelle Charme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Band/artist history
news : February 2020, I will be composing a second album, its SO hard. I have a new vocal template, maybe it will be better with that. it's hard, because its not just a fast stuff you upload on soundclick, you have to do the best New : 2019 September , Please follow me on Apple Music, Spotify etc ... pep also https://estellecharme.bandcamp.com/ https://estellecharme.bandcamp.com/album/yes-u-wanna-do-it-now (i have an ugly picture on dis) this is my bitcoin wallet, giv me $, if you like my face, or would like me to improve my physical style, i need $, to get a better aspect, please : 15Fzm6ZpXy1gQetKX11wVq4X1A53bdp8Gj or maybe try paypal : estellecharme10@gmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
it depends if people like my music or not, but yes, I would, in the USA, it would be so funny AH AH AH . for radio air(why not, hi hi !), or shows: message me on soundclick or eventually an email to estellecharme10@gmail.com (i check it rarely=)
What equipment do you use?
I "do" each instwuments(Piano, Rhodes, Guitar, Bass, synths, Strings, Drums etc ..) Fruity Loops, Reason, cheap but good telecaster squier guitar, roland groove quantizes are still better. les groove quantizes ROLAND sont toujours les meilleures - FL 20 - Sawyer (cpu light) - N.I b4 II - N.I Scarbee Mark is my main Rhodes sounds now i love it, it's SO PERFECT ! - Luxonix Purity sounds clear like a real workstation. - I also have the Korg M1 Vst, it's cool. - I like The Sorcery Vst multiband compressor, it is a great free tool. - I also Like Izotope Alloy, Terry West MHorse, Satin, and the BBE plugins also(a must have finally) - Steinberg Hypersonic still has good sounds. - Nomad Factory LiquidVerb 2 is the one i prefer - u HE stuff - Arturia obereihm - VPROM drums - T-racks latests version ( 4 bands limiter is a beast, best multiband) - Berhinger 404 usb soundcard - Waves 160 comp - Goliath mastering VST - BM 800 mic - Modo bass vst - Roland Jv , d5, Jupiter 8, Juno106 ... vst - neo soul keys - NEW : waves l2, waves vitamin spatializer - 2.1 Logitec x230, they're FANTASTIC, big and neutral modern sound, super ROBUST , never heard that before ! 48$ ebay near 05 they nice too, to compare, but need a bass woofer NEW VST 2020 ! - Steinberg sonic 3 - Luxonix purity bass number 8 ( A must HAVE ) - Scarbee classic EP - Latin urban vst - Roland SRX STUDIO - FL STUDIO STARTERS FILES by style : (Bossa nova, singing etc ...) with all ready vst ! *****STILL IMPROVING !!!!!***
Anything else?
Cheap windsurfing , but high level babe !
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anythings possible
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