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Looking For Lester
Looking For Lester
10 Tracks
Alternative like David Bowie, pop-funk driven like Prince, and the rock & roll punch of Lenny Kravitz, Looking For Lester is the new sound of rock & roll.
Looking For Lester - Sky Falling
From the Washington, DC area, Looking For Lester is Rebellion (guitars, bass, effects, keyboards, lead and backing vocals), Jedi of cool (keyboards, piano, harmonica, and organ), and Kolumbia (drums, percussion). The band will release their debut album "EVERYONE HATES A MIME" August 14, 2015 featuring ten tracks including the hit singles "Rock & Roll Take My Soul," "Sky Falling," "Do Something," and "Sellout." Looking For Lester's sound is alternative like David Bowie, pop-funk driven like Prince, and has the rock & roll punch of Lenny Kravitz.
Band/artist history
We formed in the summer of 2015 to rebel against the industry norm. Having diverse musical backgrounds, we came together to create music influenced by rock & roll legends as a backlash to the polished uninspiring pop/r&b songs on the radio. The goal of our debut album "EVERYONE HATES A MIME" (release date August 14, 2015) was to have fun while trying something different, since no one is making money anyway. We just plugged our instruments in and started playing; everything else just flowed naturally. So, it wasn't about money, but about having fun again and taking chances with no expectations.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're thinking about playing live locally, if the money is right.
Your musical influences
David Bowie, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, The Rolling Stones, 3rd Eye Girl, Meshell Ndegeocello, and of course Looking For Lester
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez and ESP (LTD) electric guitars, Fender and Scheter basses, Roland keyboards, Gretsch drums
Anything else?
Support independent music and "actually" buy our album, you won't regret it!
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