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Patrick Antonian
Patrick Antonian
4door (off the Mytosis Project)
'Welcome' Patrick Antonian (Beat: Bei Ru)
Make It Big Intro (Album: Mytosis )
2Much ft Vicious Automatic. Prod Rocket Pro
2016 AEC. Check Out this Years Cypher
Shut Down ft Vicious Automatic
2-Hye - 626-818-5150 Ft. Big-E, Patrick Antonian
'The Saga Continues' ft Patrick Antonian, Destruct
Patrick Antonian Verse for #shookoneschallenge
Blown ft Paycheq & Vicious Automatic
X/O Skeletons Prod Les Correa
One Thing ft Rashondra Angelle. Prod Bei Ru
Cold Block ft Vicious Automatic
All ByMyself ft Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities
Live In The Studio with Ras Kass, Planet Asia, etc
Take It This Far with Base One Basic
Official Pimp ft. Vicious Automatic
Dj Reflex/Power 106 Drop ft Vicious Automatic
Tell Me How To Live by Capital Cities ft Patrick A
One Life. As Remake by Patrick Antonian
Soldier ft Maria Cozette. Prod by Voski
Elite Year ft Ras Kass
We Stay Dreaming ft Vicious Automatic
Running Forever f Vicious Automatic & Sonali Bijor
Welcome Prod by Bei Ru
Black Cadillac ft Vicious Automatic Prod 51/50
West Coasts Finest ft Various Artists
2Much ft Vicious Automatic. Prod Rocket Pro
In This Game (Prod by 51/50)
Get Louder ft Vicious Automatic & Chilly Willy
Due Time (Prod: A.Chilla)