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TripC- Freak Flag
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TRIP C - ManEater
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your fault ft had enough
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we suck
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Violence is the answer
Dubbed Tulsas X-Rated Rapper, Trip C has developed a cynical and hilarious take on the hip hop genre. Born Adam Hartzke in Indiana, Trip was raised in the predominantly Baptist town of Owasso Oklahoma by his mother Donna, a nurse and father Karl, a cop. This picturesque Leave it to Beaver upbringing is the background of most Midwestern politicians and clergymen. However, Trip was always an outcast when it came to music and lifestyle. Now, sporting his signature multi-colored mohawk and rock-like appearance Trip has always dared to be different. Showing an interest in hip hop at the age of 8, Trip's earliest influences were 2 Live Crew and Kyper which compelled him to start writing his own songs at the age of 13. After 4 years in the rock scene he realized his lyrics had a higher and more mischievous purpose. At age 20, Trip was introduced to the Tulsa label Big Wolf Entertainment and musical prodigy Anthony P.D.A. Jenkins, his main producer, collaborator, and close friend for the past 5 years. With P.D.A as his music partner, they had the chance to open for national acts such as Tech N9ne, and Twiztid, and then PDAs solo project Blew up huge and he went on the road solo with critical bill and since has started getting well deserved national stardom. Around that time Trip was introduced to Paul Anquoe (Crazy P) an avid TripC fan, and they began to collaborate finding not only are they both twisted off in the nugget, but they worked great together as a team unfortunately this came to an abrubt hault when Crazyp left to pursue his own solo project, now running With Greg Davis aka ESP things have picked back up phenominally and together they are once again taking over the music scene with their brash and unrelenting style and stage shows, since The start up of tripc, trip along with pda, paul, and esp have had the opportunity to not only do shows with bands they have all idolized since high school, but also tour with them, since 2003 trip has played and or toured with Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, AMB, Tech N9NE, (hed) P.E, Dirtball, Mower, Critical Bill, Kutt Calhoun, Kittie, Kottonmouth Kings, Psycho Jesus, Grave Plott, Cazualty, R.O.C, Project Deadman, Project Born, and many many others including a spot on psychopathic records Gathering of The Juggalos 2007. Trip has been nominated TWICE for best hip hop artist by the Spot Music Awards and recieved exclusive intertviEws with Tulsa World Writer matt gleason more than once. TripC's first album, Flush Please, sold more than 5,000 copies locally. Including the thousands upon thousands of demos that have been passed out state to state there are in total, over 10,000 copies of TripC in circulation in the midwest. Trip and ESP's high energy stage show and controversial style has also caught the attention of local media, garnering regular airplay of the hit singles (Factory Life) and (Cuz I Can) on z104.5 the edge, and plays on Psychopathic Records w.fuckoff radio. Trip and ESP recently released their sophomore album, 8-Bit, along with their 2nd live tour dvd (2 years of professionally being retarded) which is sicker, more twisted, hilarious, and mind blowing than a steel-toed kick to the balls on a cold day. (In other words, it blew the 1st record AND dvd out of the water!) The first single from the new album, 8-bit, is a definite sign of growth for the two former rockers. These two scrubs stars are on a quick rise, but be careful, they like to spit from high places.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
as much as we humanly can, as many places as we can. favorite moments were landing tour dates with insane clown posse, and blaze ya dead homie. every time we have opened for tech n9ne
Your musical influences
sevendust, korn, insane clown posse, twiztid, tech n9ne, mindless self indulgence, kottonmouth kings, mudvayne, system of a down,
What equipment do you use?
Sure 58tvd wireless, gemeni direct drive turntables
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Mr. Leftover playalong
Spark 124 bpm F# Minor