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Tony William
Pianist from Cheshire (now Staffordshire), England. Ex. Pro. Musician and Entertainment Organiser, retired from live events. www.pianistonline.uk
Dream of Olwen
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Jazz with Pea Soup
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Dancing Round The Christmas Tree
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MotivaciĆ³n - Motivation Musica
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Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
February 08, 2017
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Hello! Wherever you are - I wish you All The Best in these difficult times. ABOUT: Piano playing has been part of my life since age 7. I worked full-time Pro. as a young man, and then moved into other business, got married to Sue, we had a family - all the usual stuff. My Electronic Keyboard recordings here are incidental to my Piano playing which has always come first and foremost. SOUNDCLICK: I've been here with several accounts since 2006. I like the Site and I like the owners of the Site. CHARTS: If I could alter charting back to how it used to be, i.e. - the ability to withdraw tunes from Charts - then I would do so gladly. MY CHARTS POSITIONS HERE are supported by my website www.pianistonline.uk My stats. from my Web Hosts one.com (Denmark) tell me I have regular, almost daily visitors from France, Germany, the USA, Denmark and other Countries. I also have Visitors from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. My Review of a Yamaha Product a number of years ago is still bringing in 1000's of people to my Soundclick and pianistonline Sites.
Your musical influences
Influences? More ordinary people in my life really, than well-known Artistes. As a kid I was very fond of RUSS CONWAY - the 1950s/60s hit recording Pianist in the UK (and prior to his death I was in communication with him). Any Jazz influence I may have came from ERROLL GARNER - the late great, and totally unique US performer. Although I do not in any shape or form pretend to be able to recreate any of his performances (too many people THINK they can!). As a kid/teenager I lived through the "British Invasion" that still gives so much fun and pleasure to many older guys and gals on this site. My favourites of the era were The Kinks, The (so perfect) Beach Boys, The Hollies, The Animals, - and solo Artistes Elvis, Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison to name a few. Popular Composers: The Great American Songbook era Composers and of course the quite magnificent Burt Bacharach. On Soundclick I particularly like GUITARIST MIKE BENNETT, the most extraordinarily unique LEKZEE. My Playlists reflect others I have come across.
Anything else?
SEARCH TAGS: Pianist, Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire, Staffordshire. Joan Bates Dancing School, Stockport UK. Manchester Working Men's Club Hammond Organist. The Alan Anthony Set Function Band. Pontins Holidays Prestatyn Sands Resident Pianist. 1979 sound recordings The Snowdonia Lounge Pontins Prestatyn Sands. Pianist on US local stations. Magicians, Entertainers Tony and Sue. Listen to Yamaha Digital Piano. Listen to Casio CTX 5000 / WK3500. pianistonline.uk
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South Pacific - Happy Talk
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