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Donovan Clark Productions
Donovan Clark Productions
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(YouTube Exclusive) Instrumental - Like A Diamond
I'm a Music Producer with my own unique #BruteForce sound!!!
Band/artist history
In 8th grade at Salem Middle School in Lithonia, Ga I had a music class. Myself and @Supacrankit were stationed at the same keyboard. We would jam out just having fun. One day our earphones were unplugged and everyone heard what we were doing and they liked it. From that point I realized I might have something. Also in Middle School myself and @Supacrankit would beat on tables with pencils and would be in sync. Everyone would ask us to play something. That lead me to asking my pops to buy me a keyboard. I learned to put beats together and recorded raps with my cousin on tapes with my pops on the hook. I then graduated to General Music's Equinox Keyboard (which I regretted selling later) in High School. I worked on my craft and was ripping off chords that baffle me till this day. I could never get the keyboard to loop right but I continued to develop. I would record beats on a cassette tape and let my peers critique them. Only one tape remains from that time. I plan the upload it to YouTube (link on page) for nostalgia. Around my senior year in High School while visiting a friend in my old Marbut Road neighborhood I decided to pop up at @SupaCrankit house though I hadn't spoke with him in years. That day I was introduced to a program called FL Studio and I started working on that program. It was a learning curve and the music wasn't as advanced as before but I eventually got there. Around the time Myspace was popular and Soundlick was the only place where producers could market themselves and sell beats. I was quite successful racking in thousands of plays and hundreds of downloads a day. I sold many beats and my name is flawless. Every person that paid me money got what they paid for and could call me at anytime. But things took a turn when my Myspace page got hacked. Everything numbers wise went down and I focused on other things such as education. While in my Freshman year of College my producing prowess showed it itself again. Some teammates and I put together a rap song for a talent show. The hook I wrote and performed became a battlecry at the games and lasted longer than I attended that actual University. I was the producer for the Lithonia based group Y.N.I.C. (DCP, AGK and R-Meezy) which was disbanded. Y.N.I.C.'s most notable song was "Pop It Off" which jams till this day. Many Y.N.I.C. songs will not be heard as they were lost due to technology. I was also briefly affiliated with other groups and artist also. My most notable artist was Travis Porter. They showed me love and said that I was a Producer that you should look out for. After a dryspell I'm back with Reason 10 as my weapon of choice. While I'm not getting the numbers I want I KNOW i'm cold with this shit. Those who hear my beats say the same thing. Why aren't you famous? While I may not get the notoriety I want. I'm satisfied (but not really) with being your favorite producers favorite producer. So stay tuned. Stream, Download and Like. Send that friend request also. Peace.
Your musical influences
Ol Skool Funk and rap up until 2006.
What equipment do you use?
Reason 11
Anything else?
Like and Favorite my music and page!!! It's FREE!!! Contact me via Twitter!!! @dmfc_33