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Lovejoy The Band
Lovejoy The Band
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Lovejoy rocks! Two powerful and dynamic singers -- one male, one female. Incredible harmonies. Catchy songs with hooks and melodies that get wedged into your
guitar sound goes from HARD and FAST to GROOVE-FILLED and FUNKY. This boy can strum! His vocal melodies are CATCHY and his voice is SEXY. sings with SOUL!!! The crowd is always AWESTRUCK with her SILKY and POWERFUL VOICE and her beautiful vocal harmonies. solid "John Bonham" drum sound and steady rhythms are what make him the backbone of Lovejoy. He HITS HARD and plays with TOTAL ENERGY on stage. bass playing is IN YOUR FACE and her fingers fly across the fretboard! She can slap and play with FLEA's energy one moment and play an intense melodic bass line the next..but SHE ALWAYS HOLDS THE GROOVE!!!
Band/artist history
Lovejoy was formed in 1996, in Toronto Canada
Have you performed in front of an audience?
You have to check out Lovejoy's live show. Pure energy and we always have a blast on stage. Playing live is what we enjoy best. Lovejoy always puts on a show.. Ms. Money Penny's wild and crazy costumes.. Joe's crazy and wild drumming style.. Lulu's ultra cool intense playing style and Duarte's wit, charm and Jaggeresque stage presence.
Your musical influences
Each member of the band has a wide variety of influences which contributes to the diversity of the music. See each member's individual page on our website for our influences.
What equipment do you use?
ALL YOU NEED FOR ROCK AND ROLL: Powerful Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
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