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experimental hiphop electro beats which you can nod your head to :D
Petey Pablo x Ciara - Freek my Goodies
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Lean Back, The Champ is here
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HAAAAAAAAAY! :D Thank you for passing by and checking out my music. For more and free downloads, feel free to visit: https://soundcloud.com/berlinpimp Thx, Cya
Band/artist history
Well I started making music in 2000. At first I played drums in 2 diffrent bands, but then I stopped. I had other priorities back then. In 2002 I started to make music on my PC. As you can guess I wasn't good at all, but I kept on doing it. In the year 2003 I found that page on the Internet called Soundclick.com. I learned a lot on this page from the people on the forum there. So I could continue progressing on my sound. But after the first year I realised that I don't find the sound that I wanted to do. (I realised that the others are still better than me). So I tried to work harder on my beatz! And everything I did in 2005 was pure Gold in my ears :D I dropped the name pyron beatz and just left it to be berlinpimp. In 2006 I left the website and searched some real people to do music with. Well I found some, but nothing really worked out. I got frustraded back then. My confidence was on a very low level, although my music sound was getting better and better. After a big PC-Crash with almost no back-up files , I stopped making music! That year was 2008. I did nothing until late 2016. Eight years without making any music at all. Well it was hard to find back in all that stuff. And I had one big Moment of musical epiphany. My mistake back then was that I always tried to find the sound of the others. I tried a lot of Hiphop-Beatz, but always tried to put my creativity in there; but that was exactly the sound that the people didn't understand. So I switched. I turned from trying to make Hophop Beatz with too much creativity to creativ electro beatz with hiphop influences. Yep, there you go! The Pimp Vibe was born. I changed the name again. This time to Fidel Dafricano and I'm totally loving what I'm doing right now :)
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The Voice / Meek Mill Type Beat (2 For 1)
In My Feelings (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Immortal - Kendrick Lamar x Logic Type Beat