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Barefoot Cowboy and The Lost Generation
Barefoot Cowboy and The Lost Generation
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Rock, blues, and even a bit of some country.
Four Four
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Messing Around (Sun is Shining)
Today #25 in Surf Rock subgenre
Wrench and Torch
Today #97 in Country-Rock subgenre
Event Horizon Dub
Today #22 in Dub subgenre
Event Horizon
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I'm not sure what to call what we are trying to do here. Possibly rock music, with a touch of blues, jazz, hard rock, some country, some folk, and some reggae. We're trying to keep it earthy, real, at times it could get a bit retro, and will tend towards live style in studio recordings (the band actually playing together to make a cut), but not in all cases. Dave does all the drumming, and Ed joins occasionally for some bass work.
Band/artist history
At first there was Iron Cross, then Blue Condition, then AKM, then This Group, then Easy Access, then some solo work as MBand, then a name change of that solo work to Ezy Axis, then the drummer re-joined and we found we were getting more and more earthy, and the style of the material that was part of the Ezy Axis back catalog was not in line with the re-formed bands sound. That new band consisting of myself, Dave, and Ed occasionally sitting in on bass.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We did, but not recently. Our most memorable gig was way back in 1983 or so where played an orginal punk/new wave band at the Lit Club in Hartford CT. The name of the band at the time was AKM.
Your musical influences
Jim: The Who, Neil Young, The Clash, Allman Bros, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Police. Dave: Steely Dan, Jazz, Folk, Jimmy Buffett, Steve Gadd Ed: The Who, Fugazi, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Gibson, Ibanez, cheap Squire for slide, cheap Lap Steels, Gretsch. Basses; Ltd, Dean. Fender Bassman (for guitars and basses), Roland Jazz Chorus, Roland Bass Cube, Fender Blues Junior, various effects pedals by Boss, MXR, Thompson Organ Company Wah Wah (from the 70's), Dunlop Fuzz Face, Big Muff Pi. Recording done on a Tascam DP-24 and in Reason. Motu Microbook II. Various Shure and MXL mics. Couple NADY ribbons on some things.
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