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J-Dub and The Truth
J-Dub and The Truth
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11 Tracks
Rapping Duo from Ft. Wayne, IN
Hold It Down
Peak in sub-genre #18
Throw It Back
Peak in sub-genre #31
In The Zone
Peak position #94
Shake For US
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Why Girl
Peak position #78
J-Dub & The Truth are brothers from Ft. Wayne, In who have been wanting to make music since they were young kids. They just started putting their plan to action over the summer of 2003, now they are slowly rising in the music industry throughout the Midwest.
Band/artist history
We grew up with a good life, no struggles like most artist have. We did basic young kid things, played sports in the front/backyard with anything we could use as a ball or rim. We did write music alot, because we were surronded by it, our older influences were doing it, but we never really thought nothing of it. Until one day (not too long ago)we realized that our passion for music was also a talent that most dont have, so we started to make music anyway we could. When we first started, we didn't have a clue about how to do things the right way. We just knew we wanted to make music, but like they say practice makes perfect. Were not saying that we are perfect, but we have come a long way from were we started.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
They play at local talent shows, open acts for other groups, and any other place they are asked to play. They also will play for free, as long as they get recognition. Contact the group for more info.
Your musical influences
J-Dub: My musical influences now are everyone, I believe you can learn something from everyone that is making music, but my first two rappers that I ever listened to were Twista & Mystikal, I didnt listen to rap before that. The Truth: An artist that influenced me the most is Snoop Dogg, I thought he was the coolest person, so I just tried to do what he did.
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