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Ellohay Music
Ellohay Music
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Ellohay Music uses original composition, lyrics and a blend of virtual and real instruments to promote deep thinking, encouragement and challenge.
Your Will Be Done (Official Lyric Video) - Ellohay
Hello, this is the page for Ellohay Music. I am a one-person band for the moment, though someday I hope to expand and include other people. I am based out of rural Pennsylvania.
Band/artist history
As an infant, I shocked my mother by singing "Jesus Loves Me" while still in in the playpen! By six years old I had written my first original song which was about Jesus' return. Through my teen years I played cornet and created my own songs on the piano, but hid the fact that I was also singing and recording words to them. However, my dad and I did sing one of them together in a church service.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Growing up, I participated in many Christmas pageants (one with Taylor Swift, no less) which were essentially by first experiences performing in front of an audience. I joined cornet quartets a few years in a row, and later on I sang duets with my dad. Most of them were his own music, but one was a song I wrote called Soli Deo Gloria. After that, I focused on college and giving speeches (without notes and timed by how close to the minute we ended) before classmates were enough live performances for me for awhile! Today I mostly share my music privately with people I know.
Your musical influences
It's hard to say what my influences are, because for most of my life I mainly absorbed musical elements from what I heard and specifically made it a goal not to knowingly copy anyone's style, which is a rule I still try to hold to. However, artists that probably influenced me were Phil Keaggy, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Steve Taylor, and the many various composers of old 8-bit computer game and early 2000's educational school game music. As of 2020, I am undergoing training by Getty Music to improve in the area of hymn writing - music specifically for the Church and group singing.
What equipment do you use?
Currently I use a Neewer NW-800 microphone with a pop guard. I compose the instrumental part of the music in Anvil Studio, then replay it and record it in Notion to add a more realistic sound. I may or may not record each instrument separately in Audacity for fine tuning. The vocals I record and mix using Audacity.
Anything else?
Keep in mind my music is still a work in progress. Not every song I upload is exactly the way I want it and all my music is technically unpublished. I have improved my techniques greatly over the last seven years but I still am not where I'd like to be.
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