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My name is Austin Anderson, i currently live in Denver working full time for Modern Market, as well as working for my uncles band, Mannequin The Band, as their full time tech guy, setting up the lights and running the light show while the band plays. Needless to say, i have been super busy lately which has brought so many new faces and experiences into my life. Every day i live with the mindset of learning, being able to take criticism and using it to change, adapt, and grow in life as a person. "The Only True Wisdom is in Knowing You Know Nothing" #AA
Band/artist history
Airforce Academy Music GS Productions Space Camp Official Mikey Bishh Jay Everest Seanvatoflaco Makhaze Mellow Flash Habbit Jitty2Litty Thrax Marcus Vigil Valley Brody Brown aka "brobro" Lucky E Jorge Silva Ice2Cold Jeremy Notsotall
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I havent performed yet but i went on stage with my bro Seanvatoflaco in Lincoln, NE for the showcase tour. That was a cool experience for sure but sadly we didnt get to perform the song we made an released a week or so before hand due to such short notice with the set list i guess. Sure would of been awesome to perform my first song ever put out a week after putting it out haha oh well! It is what it is! Just going to have to make my first performance an insanely good an fun experience to make up for it!
Your musical influences
Wiz Khalifa Nf Russ Eminem Chris Webby Kid Ink Token Hi-rez Tom McDonald J. Cole Tyga Doobie Lil Skies $uicideBoy$ Montana of 300 $avage No Fatigue Dre Tupac NWA Ryan Caraveo G Eazy Chris Brown Gucci Mane Mac Miller Hopsin D12 Wakefield Ect. Ect. Really the list goes on and on haha
What equipment do you use?
I have a Dell laptop which has Fl Studio 10 Producer Edition installed on it. I do have a microphone as well but its not the quality im shooting for, it is a very good mic for the price though so until i can afford a new mic it is doing its job nicely. I have alot of hopes for the near future when it comes to equipment!
Anything else?
Good vibes only! FrFr, life is way to short and is hard enough without all the extra added drama an conflict for no reason. We should be helping lift each other up instead of putting others down! Im literally chill with anyone until they give me a reason not to be and i hate that type of shit to be honest cause i dont like being rude or disrespectful in general. Anyways, lets vibe. Make sure to check out the tracks and beats i have released so far and let me know what you think! This is my life. Music tells my story as i journey through not only life but music its self and everything in between. Music is Forever!
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