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Docta Wuzdead
Docta Wuzdead
Tampa, FL  USA
February 24, 2004
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*****THIS ALBUM IS FREE******* The game is dirty kuzzo. Every thang aint what it look like. Most kats that katch time in the dope game aint nuttin but the scape goat. Kats that rap about sellin the most, tellin the most. Every Korna store in every ghetto sellin drug paraphernalia, but they never get raided. Dirty fedros wanted me to rap for them so they tried to get my homeboy to plant a bird in my nest. Now thats dirty. They set dead religious facilities up in our hoods to keep us away from God. Now thats hateful. Where else can you find six to eight churches on one street besides the ghetto? Kats possessed by the anti-christ spirit have been used to trap folk up in the thug life in an attempt to lead us to hell. That aint right, and that aint all. Surgery is needed kuzzin, and the Docta is in. Powerhouse Ministries in konjunction with Warria Records presents Docta Wuzdead, a.k.a. Mynista: Bloody Streets Volume 1. Forget the industry on this one; Bloody Streets is free. Ryde wit ya boy as he hits the streets hard, floodin em wit the Blood of Jesus. It dont get no realer than this. Download the album, burn it (convert the mp3 files into .wav files first), give it out to ya peeps. Bloody streets Volume 2 coming in 2005...Lord Willing
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