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If you are not living on the edge.. You are taking up too much room..... ...........................10,000 plays in over 75 countries,
IF...... A message to you ...Rudy .by W.v.D.
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Officer and a Gentleman
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Love is dope........ by WVD
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L.A. Freq........by W.V.D
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2020..........Still here for one thing, A lot of changes have happened recently with more change to come this year. Looking forward to starting the new project with a new approach and renewed focus. Getting back into psychoacoustics and getting beyond the stereo field.
Band/artist history
Started out a long time ago now, After doing the band thing during my teens and early twenties I had developed an interest in live sound engineering and recording & producing. Between bands I got myself a 4 Track reel to reel and experimented recording and creating electronic avant garde music. When I moved on to a portastudio and DAT mastering. I also started recording other bands and producing demo cassettes and CDs. Live music was going thru a bad time and I moved into electronic music production and went back to school to learn audio engineering at the SAE london. After graduation my involvement with electronic music became a side line to a small studio i was running producing demos and cds for local bands but not making any money my interest moved to Global jamming when the rocket network software was being developed and during the Beta testing stages a great community from all over the world began making music together and a beautiful thing was being born. Unfortunately the Rocket Network was not making any money either and as fast it rose it rapidly failed. So I went back to my electronic music creations and began to develop my own unique style and sound. The beats.... started out with drum boxes, experimented with electronic drum kits ( from an early Simmons Hex kit) tried several different computer drum machines like stylus, worked with loops and samples ( remember recycle 2.0 ) Reslicing and beat making but now the groove quantization and resolution is so good in Cubase I program drums using groove Agent 5 which has been expanded with the Nashville and Simon Phillips kits and grooves to create multi track drum grooves and mix this up with the Analogue Drum Brute for beatbox type grooves. I have played bass in a couple of bands and although only basic my timing is good enough to lay down some bass loops. Same can be said of my guitar work but I can compile from multiple takes to get something plausible and every so often I actually nail a take. I love my Arpeggiators too, performing with them on to create complex random arpeggios. I have been programming midi since back in the day on the old Atari ST and have developed several tricks to make programmed parts sound more expressive and " Real" and for a long time now I have rendered all midi tracks to audio for further processing/mixing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
the Garage LONDON, Purple Turtle Reading, Caribbean club ..
Your musical influences
I have always been a fan of Giorgio Moroder since hearing I Feel Love as a small child. Not to mention all the other songs he worked on over the years. But that is just the electronic side of things. I listen to music from around the world and from performances I have seen around the world on my travels and the people I meet are the influence for everything I do in life.
What equipment do you use?
This year we will be developing a signature sound for the studio with lots of new gear, A mixture of analogue and digital outboard, improvements to the Audio interface expanding the system to 32 Input channels (64 ch at mixdown ) which includes 8 midas and 12 Yamaha mic pre amps and Cubase version 10 Love the new Icon series of effects and the KT2A for adding some valve warmth and also a Classic FET compressor for Tracking. We will be mixing up the analogue drumbrute with the newly Updated Groove Agent 5 which was expanded last year to include the excellent Nashville and Simon Phillips Kits. As always my trusted Fender blondes, the Jazz bass and custom fender Telecaster. The synth rack has been trimmed down a little, still got the Moroder Nova with a great Vocoder onboard and the old favourites, The Roland Juno-G, Yamaha AN1-x modelling synth and the Rack EX5r module from Yamaha ( with the awesome Mellotron sample set.)
Anything else?
Thanks for your time in reading this.......... Live Life, Love Life WVD
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