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Simple Connexion
Simple Connexion
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Simple Connexion singer-songwriter /cover duo who creates authentic connections with others through groovy vibrations of pop, folk, folk-rock, and harmonies.
Claude Larivière was born and raised on Le Plateau Mont-Royal, Québec. At the age of 14, he retrieved a sleeping guitar from a shelf in his Fathers closet and then following a few turns of the needle on the White Album his musical journey began. Jyls musical experience began by inheriting her musician Father's love and genes for music. She was introduced at a very early age to the world of guitar strumming, country ballads, rockin' swing, vocal harmonies, the blues, and singing from the heart. Simple Connexion is the result of Jyl & Claude's love of music and the authentic connection it brings with others. The covers and derivatives they perform are with intent to honor those great artists of the 60s and 70s. Simple Connexions originals are influenced by that decades pop, rock, folk, and folk-rock. Their lyrics speak of deep feelings and personal experiences that, hopefully, others can easily connect with.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performing for several years at house happenings, music festivals and café, brasseries. The best memories are always when the connection happens and the audience is singing along when we are playing and singing WITH them and not for them.
Your musical influences
'60's, the '70s and early 80's pop, folk, folk-rock from America to the Zombies and everyone in-between.
What equipment do you use?
Instruments: acoustic and 12 string and some electric guitar. Mandolin, Ukulele, flute and harmonies, lots and lots of harmonies!
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