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The Consume Monkeys
The Consume Monkeys
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In the past we made money with Psy/Goa/Progressive Trance. Now also real sounds, i think a good song can first stand only with guitar.
Peak position #99
The Maus Haus Song
Peak position #93
DumpfdOedeltum 2020
Today #30 in Indie subgenre
Postidentische Nachhilfsstörung
Today #18 in Country and Western subgenre
Working Class Hero
Peak in sub-genre #11
Fly Spirit
Psychonaut / Aerolink were our Psychedelic Progressive or Goatrance Acts from 2000 til 2011 we played on hundreds of Parties all over the world the first record deal in 2000 on Novatekk was a dream for us with 30. Over the years 2000-2011 we did 4 Cds with Psychonaut 3 and Aerolink 1 and the first came out with 2 Maxis on Vinyl too. Also we appeared on hundreds of Samplers like "Goahead" "Tantrance" etc... but my heart always burned for Rock or Rockn Roll and Gypsy Spanish Music. But i hear all kinds of music i like, images dont interest me, only if the music moves my heart, if the whole world would hear this plastic sounds like now i would not, i hear only dollars when i put the TV or Radio on, to hear good music one must really search for it today. The Sisters Of Mercy in 1987 was an atomic bomb musically for me and after that black phase i now like what makes my soul happy, i am with 49 absolutely not anymore interested in images, i hear what i like and always since i heard Lennon the first time of course The Beatles when im really totally destroyed or ill, Lennons voice was fascinating since i was a little child. Sad that today only the underground makes music for me, TV or Radio are good procuced with i think best Sound Engineers of this world but the content makes the Music, if it is bad or boring or dumb the Songs are not getting better when also you take 1 000 000 Dollars for producing maybe.
Band/artist history
In 2000 the first CD called "Psychonaut - Vol.1" on Novatekk came out, which was a big Hit in the Goa or Psytrance Scene. In 2002 we produced the 2nd CD called "Psychonaut - Antagonistic Pathways", also on Novatekk. In 2005 we produced the CD "Aerolink - Skypilot". In 2010 we produced the 3rd Longplayer called Psychonaut - Freerider" on Crotus Records, which is because of treaty breakment from "Plusquam Records". Now all Psychonaut/Aerolink CDs and also the Instant Karma and The Consume Monkeys are under my own label coming out soon again. In 2015 i produced the "The Consume Monkeys - Hopis Prophecy". We played on hundreds of Parties all over the world since 2000 til the break of Psychonaut in 2011. We appeared on hundreds of Samplers from "Goahead", "Trantrance" etc... since that time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
5000 Audiences in Köln was the biggest gig we did.
Your musical influences
The Sisters Of Mercy, The Beatles, John Lennon, Depeche Mode, Manu Chao...and many many more, from first love Rockn Roll from Elvis to Monster Magnet and Psytrance, House and also spanish gipsy music flamenco guitar is what i most prefer.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Base, Drums, Voice.
Anything else?
I love good songs the best songwriter i knew in this world for me was John Lennon. I was 10 when he died and really sad, he was shot and the reason ? Totally senseless action from Mark Chapman, maybe he always does not know really what he did to the world killing this Genius. Maybe the world would be another when he would have lived til now and maybe The greatest Band of all times would get together. A really special man which was killed with 7 holes in his body on 6.12.1980. Senseless and strange, maybe it was not by chance cause Lennon was a man which had much influency on the youth at that time and he sang "You Better Free Your Mind Instead" not as a joke, or "All You Need Is Love" was nothing dumb nor false, cause love is all which really exists the rest is just a bad dream we dream til we wake up.
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