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Tupelo David Bush
Tupelo David Bush
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Music is my one thing. Plenty more songs coming soon
Chasing Back
Today #60 in Rock General subgenre
Ok, so I'm a procrastinator. I love music. Its the only thing I do good. I am a Christian and my songs are about my faith.
Band/artist history
I've been writing and singing music for decades just haven't done much recording. Was in several bands as a teen and in my early 20s, but after falling in love with my wife of twenty years, she became my muse.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Biggest gig I ever played was in front of around 200 or so. Have continued to work with praise teams and sing in choirs at the churches we've attended but that has been the extent of my musical career. First and only EP I ever recorded was with the last band I was in called Sonstoned back in 98.
Your musical influences
Love some Jim Croce, CCR, Bob Dylan, Third Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Joni Mitchell, David Crowder, Steve Taylor to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
I'm recording with Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Gen 2 interface and mic. I'll switch up and use other mics now and then for effect. My preferred DAW has been Acoustica Mixcraft 8 pro. I'm a fender man. Got my trusty strat and little Johnson flat top I bought for $40 that sounds nice for what it's worth.