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Round The Globe
Music and emotions are universal, and we can all relate in a way that transcends language and allows us to connect globally.
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Time Capsule (feat. Clare Steffen)
Music is like a ride, it's a time capsule that will take you where you wanna go. Let it transmit and take the ride. Music by Frank Poelman Clare Steffen, Aira Winterland & Sax Mateusz, and lyrics by Clare Steffen.
Faces (feat. Aira Winterland)
Destiny has many faces, and when we stand in the face of her, don't let your demons or fears take over, stand tall. We can all stand up and overcome adversity. Vocals, Music & Production by Aira Winterland (Brazil), and Lyrics by Clare Steffen (US
Adversity (feat. Noxter Ridson)
Adversity will stare down, and haunt us. When it comes knocking at your door, face your demons, face your fears. This Round The Globe song was co-written by Noxter Ridson (South Africa) & Clare Steffen (USA). Vocals, Music & Production by Noxter.
Wind Spirit (feat. Aira Winterland)
The wind carries messages of love, and if we listen we can hear her whispers. Music by Aira Winterland & Clare Steffen, Lyrics by Clare Steffen, Music & Music Production by Aira Winterland as a part of the Round The Globe project.
A Date With You (feat. Clare Steffen)
She went for a job interview and saw him sitting across the room. She became infatuated with him. Lyrics by Patricia Braud Bishop & Clare Steffen, Vocals by Clare Steffen & Music & Music Production William Sherry.
The Akademia Outstanding Legacy Award 2022-Anthony
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