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Tom 4tune
Believe in your power. More than in any kind of leader. Tom 4tune, 2018
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All about fun .. new genre nOb Pop
It's fun time. Jump in and have a good time with me in the Fun Continuum of this No Ballad Pop song.
Parodies to AC/DC, Bruno Mars & Ed Sheeran
Way to hell is a parody to ACDCs Highway to hell the new genre Music Comedy
Way to hell - new genre Music Comedy
Way to hell is a parody to ACDCs Highway to hell Music Comedy
All about love .. new genre nOb Pop
All about love inspires me to fly around the world - Check in ... The No Ballad Pop song.
Time for us
An hommage to the beautyful moments in life...
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Comedy Creative Flash Okay KayO
I am a singer-songwriter and I hope you enjoy listening to my songs. We need time for a good time. Music time. My Credo: Believe in your power. More than in any kind of leader. Have a dream. Have a friend. Have a life. Have a good time. I hope we meet again.
Band/artist history
Hi everyone. A little wakeup info from me ... I invented the new music genre Unstructured Music, U Music. The fixed structures in the lyrics are dissolved, as in chaos theory. There is an infinite expansion option for the lyrics of the songs. So the new Pop genre U-Pop is a new kind of interpretation for a song ... no more ballads based song text. We give up the ballads forever and ever. The thousand year old ballad history of music is over. Long live U-Pop ... Surely U-Rock or U-Blues is also possible ... Listen to my U-Pop Song "All about love" or "All about fun"" on YouTube https://youtu.be/S8wr9P8fBh4 Enjoy my message to the world in Love and Peace. The composing and lyrical act is the unforgettable moment. The vocal interpretation gives me a good feeling. Sing with me and you feel what I feel.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am playing and singing in the circle of my friends.
Your musical influences
Love and peace is an eternal story for all of us ...
What equipment do you use?
I am playing an acoustic guitar. I arrange my songs with a DAW.
Anything else?
Love is more than just a word ... Music gives me a good feeling. I am sharing it with all of you.
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