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Ghoul Detail
Ghoul Detail
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dark electronic experimental industrial noise ambient weird drone soundscapes
Syrinx improvisation Part 2
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Ghoul Detail is the sound of dirt, mixing layered drones and looped distortion into ambient sonic landscapes. Textured audio is used to twist sound into visual imagery. Sometimes uneasy and unsettling, but often ironic and surprisingly playful.
Band/artist history
It started in 2 different places... one was me DJing on the ambient underground on and off for 10 years where I really developed the "wall of sound" approach we use, and the other was OxIdE doing the live music thing in various bands whilst experimenting with sound via the medium of beating things he'd mic-ed up with a stick. We hadn't seen each other for about 10 years and then a chance encounter led to us giving this thing a go... just for our own amusement to start with but we ended up with a monster we couldn't really have known was lurking inside our heads. Once we decided to take this seriously it just seemed to develop a life of its own. Ghoul Detail continued as a 2 man outfit for a while and then OxIdE and myself reached a fork in the road and parted company. So as of Summer 2004 Ghoul Detail has become a solo project. I played with OxIdE, or Liam, to use the name his mum calls him by, in GDR (www.soundclick.com/gdr) for a while but that came to an end (for me) this Summer (2005). In the Summer I also joined Pulord (www.soundclick.com/pulord) as the resident noisemonger and I've been part of the Roil Noise collective of artists on their indie label since Easter 2005. Then in September I got aboard the New York based art/noise net-label Bivouac at www.biv0uac.com. 2006 saw the birth of the Opium Farmer side project, reserved for all the music I produce that doesn't fit in with my Ghoul Detail material, 2006 also saw the first of my releases for The Umbrella Noize Collective at www.umbrellanoize.com. Compilation stuff followed in 2007 on Canned Beef Records and Smell The Stench, aswell as a full album web-release; Consumerist Audiology; in the Summer on Smell The Stench at www.smellthestench.net. I also performed guitar duties with the band ithyphall.brel.gory for a while from march 2008 until it disolved, providing sounds, textures and drones. We played some gigs in London and Walsall. Now I'm playing guitar with Syrinx, based on the Dark Meadow Recordings label
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't broken my live cherry with Ghoul Detail yet, the intention is greater than the motivation to do it. I think about taking GD out live and then I think most people would prefer to listen to this kind of thing in the comfort of their own home.
Your musical influences
Megaptera, Iron Halo Device, Lustmord, Thomas Koner, Godflesh, Techno Animal, Sleep Research Facility, DJ Spooky, Grey Wolves, A Challenge Of Honour, Kerovnian... airconditioning units, industrial presses, the sound of empty tunnels and car parks, white noise, electrical inteference, war and death rattles
What equipment do you use?
Any sound that can be recorded, or has been recorded, can be manipulated. Beyond that it's mostly just simple tricks, smoke and mirrors, and electronic sleight of hand. The rest is all imagination. Ghoul Detail doesn't use, and is not born out of, music based software of any description. Ghoul Detail is the binary language of looped sound.
Anything else?
RELEASES Exhumation and Desecration: Werewolf Corps vs Ghoul Detail split (www.geocities.com/funerealdiseaserecords) Strung Out In Skogar (www.roilnoise.com) Residual Tremors (www.roilnoise.com) A Field Of Hopeless Dreams (www.biv0uac.com) Regale Me With Tales Of My Own Demise (www.roilnoise.com) The Smell Of Rejection CD (www.roilnoise.com) Symphony Of Malfunction: Ghoul Detail vs Rabbit Girls (www.roilnoise.com) The Transition To Redemption Through Decay (www.roilnoise.com) Shell (www.roilnoise.com) Beyond An Endless Horizon (www.roilnoise.com) The Green Inferno: A Tribute To Cannibal Holocaust (www.roilnoise.com) Failures Of The Past (www.roilnoise.com) Substitute For Life (www.roilnoise.com) Chasing Dragons (www.roilnoise.com) The Hole Of Me (www.roilnoise.com) Rattenkrieg (www.roilnoise.com) Until The Day I Die (www.roilnoise.com) Monument (www.roilnoise.com) Cracked Dome vs Ghoul Detail split (www.roilnoise.com) Dogstar Symphonium (www.umbrellanoize.com/) A Forgotten Moment Of Spiritual Inaccuracy (www.roilnoise.com) 4-way split with ctephin, Damno Te & Rabbit Girls (www.roilnoise.com) Digging Slutz (www.umbrellanoize.com) Dirtpipe Monarch (www.roilnoise.com) Smoke A Bowl Or Two 2x3" CD (www.roilnoise.com) Grind Your Children Into Dust (www.roilnoise.com) The Ghoul Box 5xCD boxset (www.roilnoise.com) Aural Sects 3-way split with Ctephin & Spagirus (www.roilnoise.com) Killer of Men (www.roilnoise.com) Poles Apart (www.roilnoise.com) Living On Borrowed Time (www.roilnoise.com) Mystified vs Ghoul Detail split (www.roilnoise.com) Beyond The 7 Doors - A tribute To The Beyond (www.roilnoise.com) Lucifer, The Fallen Angel / Ltd Edition CD (www.bone-structure.blogspot.com) Corroded Horizon Dawning collaboration with Haz-Mat (Blast Periphery) Escape (www.roilnoise.com) Opium Farmer: A Dream Turned Sour (www.umbrellanoize.com) Consumerist Audiology (www.smellthestench.net) Ghoul Detail & Rabbit Girls: 2nd Symphony Of Malfunction (www.roilnoise.com) Ghoul Detail & GDR: Untitled (www.roilnoise.com) The Mutual Death Pact collaboration with Android In Motion (www.roilnoise.com) Far From The Path Of The Righteous Man (www.smellthestench.net) Only For The Lonely (www.roilnoise.com) Empathy For Nature (www.roilnoise.com) Mystified & Opium Farmer split (www.roilnoise.com) Goghal & Ghoul Detail split [Bone Structure](www.myspace.com/phallocephalic) Goghal & Ghoul Detail split (www.smellthestench.net) Glory Hole (www.smellthestench.net) ctephin & Ghoul Detail: Dislocated Cadence split 2xCD (www.roilnoise.com) Ghoul Detail vs Norss: The Endless Days Of Loss Ltd Edition split (www.myspace.com/norss) If I Only Knew The Answers EP [Chameleon Dish Archives](http://pilesarmusic.com) Harsh Music For Hot Nurses vol 4: Blatella Germ vs Ghoul Detail split (http://symbolicprod.blogspot.com) Medicated (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Pink Venom & Ghoul Detail split (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) GLOWINGPIXIE & Ghoul Detail split (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Stahlfaust & Ghoul Detail split (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Cocoon Of Regret (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Ablaze Eternal & Ghoul Detail split (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Ghoul Detail & Red SK: Pain, Discomfort, Extreme Anguish split CD (TRASHFUCK Records) Taste The Blood Of Fistula CD (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) COMPILATIONS: EARS International: Whirlstream (www.earsintl.com) Pulse 4 (www.spiralarchive.com) Fossil Species 2xCD [exclusive track](www.roilnoise.com) The Eternal Present (http://ecr.homestead.com) 50BPM Or Less Vol. 1 (www.cannedbeefrecords.com) Roil International Noise Offensive (www.roilnoise.com) Smell The Stench Compilation 2 (www.smellthestench.net) Circle Six: Night In Kansas/Dusk In Kansas 2xCD [re-release/remixes] (www.roilnoise.com) Skull The Stench: World Noise Compilation [webrelease & limited edition 2xCD](www.smellthestench.net) Initializing: Phase One Compilation (http://elektrobankmusik. blogspot. com) Toon 1: Stirner remix project pt1 (www.myspace.com/okkulthrecs) Toon 4: Stirner remix project pt4 (www.myspace.com/okkulthrecs) Pyramids WVNDRKMER remix compilation (www.small-doses.com) Dark Meadow Recordings Promo One compilation (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Amex Nori & Dark Meadow split compilation (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas 2xCD (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com) Dark Meadow Recordings Promo Two compilation (www.darkmeadowrecordings.com)
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