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Jaded By Choice
Jaded By Choice
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Jaded By Choice has been around the Racine Band Scene since the early 90's. Rod Martinson and Bob Doonan have been playing music together since 1994. The duo of
We are Jaded BY Choice and (Choices Voices CV) two original rock bands. The current line up of Jaded By Choice has changed, with Rod Martinson still the driving force behind the band, new guitar and drummer additions have added a whole new dimension the the songs and the sound. Now to Choices Voices, Choices Voices CV is a new side project of Rod Martinson and Bob Doonan ( previous JBC drummer) CV will take the 15 years Martinson and Doonan have been making music and create a new album for release sometime next year. We have tracks recorded and being mixed down. While listening to the first mix of the new songs in May 09 in Martinson's studio, a chill came over the duo as the sound was fresh and inspiring. Keep in mind all of songs produced by Choices Voices will be the sole creation of the Martinson / Doonan team and all insturments will be played by Martinson / Doonan. We will have the songs on Sound Click very soon for you to enjoy and down load. JBC Lives on and CV will take you where you need to be......R Jaded....
Band/artist history
Jaded By Choice started as most bands do in a basement, jamming for fun about 10 years ago. We had some thoughts, put them to music bought a recorder, sent out some demos got on local radio started playing gigs. We still have fun, all of the original members plus some new additons. We stay ahead of the game by being original and not being pushed around. Lets face it original music without proper backing (radio play, promos ect.) is a very difficult hobby to be involved in. The audience either likes it the first time they hear it or not. Theres no radio pre programming here, is all about what we are willing to part with, what piece of our soul we are willing to share....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live in Racine, WI. and the local areas Milwaukee and Kenosha WI. We play the local festivals, bars, any shows we can book. We have a blast doing live shows. One time we kind of ran out of material and we started a jam and our singer just started looking around the room for ideas for lyrics like bar signs, women, the owner...
Your musical influences
We come from an era where our musical influences have been changing with the times. We find influnces within ourselves and create music we believe in. To compare our style to a specific band, guitar player, singer, sound, we cannot. We are original, fresh, and non standard. We will not bore you with verse, chours, verse predictable song progressions. We enjoy our hobby and invite you to take a ride with us. We are a work in progress and enjoy all feedback from casual browsers and musicians alike. Thanks for your time we invite you take our music and share with a friend.....Bob ( come back soon )
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha DTXtreme II, Roland VS24 CD, Roland VS840 EX, ( and a whole bunch of guitar gadgets Rod Has )
Anything else?
Lets keep original music alive. Go see a band buy an original CD. Have an open mind you listen to our stuff we will listen to yours.
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