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Uwi macht Musik, weil ihm die neue Normalität zu langweilig ist ;) Uwi makes music because the new normal is too boring for him ;)
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Monotonie (50 Hz)
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A german pop song about me. Don't take it too serious ;)
Brute industrial track with German lyrics
Duvm imdar (Random Synth 6)
Minimalistic song with random elements
In the forest (feat. Eleanor Forte AI)
A melancholic guitar wave song V1.1
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4 songs
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3 songs
I am an original Berlin veteran with heart and soul. I have lived in Austria since 2007. During the Covid19 lockdown I discovered composing my own music as a hobby.
Band/artist history
My history in the music business is quite short yet. Of course I've been listening to music for a very long time and I've been writing poetry since I was a child. And I sing classically in the shower - haha ;) I create all the songs on the PC. I don't play an instrument and I can't read music. But I work in IT and I've found that programming and composing are somehow related activities. So it was relatively easy for me to get started.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Since I don't play any instruments, a concert would only be pseudo-live anyway. Also, I really only sing moderately to mediocre. So I'd have to hire a band and take singing lessons (lots of lessons!) before I can dare to perform live. I don't have the time or the money for that. Basically, I have no problem standing in front of an audience and giving a speech, presentation or training.
Your musical influences
There are so many... Here is my top 5: 1. The Prodigy (Break Beat) 2. AND ONE (Synth Pop) 3. VNV Nation (Future Pop) 4. Die Ärzte (Punk Rock) 5. The KLF (Synth Pop)
What equipment do you use?
I'm in the process of setting up a small, modest home studio. I have already bought various microphones and headphones. I also bought a Roland JD-XI synthesizer in early 2022. As far as possible I use free software and virtual instruments / plugins. Here, too, I am planning some investments in the coming months, e.g. in products from amplesound.
Anything else?
If you like my songs, share them with your friends. If not - share them with your enemies. :D
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