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R.I.P. Deadboi
A Talented rapper died in 2013. He left behind an energy that kept growing. He whispered in her ear to go find him. He's been revived to haunt your speakers!
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4once (ft. FAY)
A Very Interesting Collab That Worked Out Amazing , w/ U.K.'s Electropop singer/songwriter FAY
Demons (ft.Mik3Y)
Catchy & Emotional Banger , Hit Play iMik3Y on the 1st Verse , Deadboi On The 2nd , Both on the hook
Deja vu
Track 1 On Deadboi's Upcoming Debut Album "Hearses & Verses" ... "Im Bout To Be Exhumed , So That New Shit's Coming Soon , I Dont Need A Rapper Chain , I'll Just Cut The Noose" (Beat By: MAJZKLUANI ) #lit_2023 #majzkluani #gothrapper #goth #dejavu
Lose It (Ft.Deadboi Walking)
WE Ya DeadBoizzzz...We Are Also Both Recent Recovering Addicts , Going Threw Major Life Changes An Some Days We Just Feel We Gonna LOSE IT!!!! DW On The 1st Verse & Hook...RIP On The 2nd & Hook BackUps (Beat By:AudioGems)
Love/Hate (Ft. XO Forever)
XO On The 1st Verse..RIP On The 2nd & Hook..(Beat By: 4096 inc.)
R.I.P. Deadboi - I Love Rappers That Suck.....
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Band/artist history
I Died In 2013 - I was resurrected late October 2021.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As of now contact live and paid features, darkblockent@gmail.com
Your musical influences
Alice Glass, Marilyn Manson, LAWS, DZK, Cage, Yavid, Ouija Macc, Psychopathic Records, Goth Boi Clique, Crystal Castles, HVOB, The Casket Girls, Dawn Golden, Birdy, Tribal Blood, The Knuckle Babies, Neelix, ACKOD, Peek, Elm St. GangGang, Bathory Skin, Music D!ck, Skinny Puppy, Oghr, IMX, SPM, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Lil Rob, Kane & Abel, Snow Da Product, Coal Chamber, Adema, Hard Target, Hopsin, XB, Bjork, Tori Amos, NIN, ICP, Twizted, The KottonMouth Kings, King 810, Cyclefly, The Deadlights, Stabbing Westward, Moist, Amy Lee, KillASon, Hybrid
Anything else?
Im An Active Artist , Doing Many Different Styles Of Music , If I See You Around commenting , liking , subscribing , I Will 100% Return The Favor! Let's Network
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