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The Powerful blend of Versatile style of Punk,Metal, Blues, Funk, and hard rock makes TOTEMSOUL an original Journey.
TotemSoul is an explosive Rock band from Kentucky. They have played with P.O.D,Everclear,Everlast, Fuel,NickelBack,Marvelous3,Eve6,and DynamiteHack. Their fan base consists of thousands through out the SouthEast United States. In the six years they have been together,they have recorded three Independent Cd's.Their third release "compromise" has had a positive response from sales to Radio airplay. TotemSoul is in all Original band with many hit songs. Their sound:"SouthernPunkMetalBluesFunk", A unique blend of emotional lyrics and music to fit any mood.
Band/artist history
Based out of Kentucky, TOTEMSOUL started out as friends in Highschool. Their goal was to make an overall attempt to create something new and original. TOTEM: is described as the amblem of family or clan and often a reminder of ancestry.SOUL: is described as the immaterial essence of an individual life or spiritual moral force.Place these two words together and you will understand what makes this amazing Band tick. Mac Steven, Brian Harris, David Bedel, and John Vaughn are all remarkable magicians of musical madness. Since 1997 TOTEMSOUL has been playing to the musical appetites of their devoted fans. In 1998 they recorded their debut album Shake the stardust. This album proved to be a success locally for the band. While still in highschool they couldnt really tour. The album was produced by Gold selling artist/songwriter Mark Dreyer. Dreyer saw talent in these four self tought musicians. He also knew that they werent professional enough to send the cd to record labels. So dreyer signed them to a development deal with his Label Orbit Records (Nashville, Tn). Dreyer is a graduate of the world famous Berkeley College. Dreyer a accomplished songwriter/musician had attended workshops with world famous producers such as Bob Rock and Mutt Lang. He used his experience to teach TOTEMSOUL how to make a real record. In 1999 TOTEMSOUL recorded their second effort NEW SOUL. This album was an experiment. Dreyer used studio musicians to consult the band on their strengths and weakness. He used veteran drummer Brian Fullen (Peter Frampton) Jim Kirby (Roy Orbison) and Dow Tumlin (Tanya Tucker). The band spent the next two years crafting their art Practicing for the most part 4 to 8 hours a day with a metronome and learning music theory. In 2001 TOTEMSOUL recorded their third album Compromise a 16 track master piece the band produced themselves. The title track Compromise was a local hit at radio stations and shows. This album was played on stations all across the country. By using the advice of Dreyer the band started their own publishing company through BMI. TOTEMSOUL PUBLISHING, which now has a catalog of almost a hundred TOTEMSOUL songs and a roster of six songwriters. Since the release of Compromise They have toured the country from Kentucky to California. Their efforts landed them shows with other accomplished acts such as: P.O.D, EverClear, EverLast, Fuel, NickelBack, Marvelous 3, Dynamite Hack, Cowboy Mouth, Confederate RailRoad, And a Secured date with The Marshall Tucker Band in May of 04. As of Now TOTEMSOUL has been working on their up coming album (not yet titled). For more info on News, Dates, Merchandise, and The who, what, when, and where, of TOTEMOUL check them out on the World Wide Web. http://www.totemsoul.com TOTEMSOUL is: Mac Steven - Guitar, Lead vocal Brian Harris- Guitar, Vocal David Bedel- Bass John Vaughn- Drums contact: (270) 542-8359 or totemsoul@hotmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have been playing in bars since we were 16. You know playing every night. Lying about our age. Getting to sleep around 3:00am and having to get up at 6am to go to school. We've playing all over the country. It's the best part of being in a band. Sharing yourself with complete stangers is very liberating plus once your set is over, your not a starnger to them anymore.
Your musical influences
That's always a hard question to answer. Our biggest influence is the mood and where it takes us at the time of writting.
What equipment do you use?
Shure Mics, Marshall amp, Dean Markeley amp, Peavy Amp and guitar, Fernendes, Dean, Fender, Pearl, Sabian, Zildajan, and The Power of Music.
Anything else?
The One thing that seperates us from Most bands, we have a style, but it's not flashy. I mean if you see our picture, you can see it all comes together, but We don't dress to match. We're not all in black. We don't take alot of time to think about what we are wearing. If you see what we look like live, what's the point in being anything different in the Picture?
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